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CLASS-10 2022-23

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Haryana board has released syllabus for session 2022-23 (HBSE) for all classes 9 to 12 English. On this page, you will see that deleted topics of 2021-22 are back again in 2022-23. There is no deletion now for 10th English topics for 2022-23. We have given month wise syllabus for session 2022-23 Haryana board HBSE here so that you can plan your scheme of studies accordingly for the session. Each month is having at least one topic from both books, grammar and writing skills section. Question paper design class 10 English Haryana board HBSE for 2022-23, we are giving on separate page on our website. Don’t forget to read about that also. Total 80 marks question paper of English for 2022-23 will be external with internal choices in almost all the questions. 20 marks are to be kept for Internal Assessment in which SAT, classroom participation and attendance will be seen. We have not only divided the syllabus month wise; links are also given in the next columns also. So that it is easy to access our study material free of cost for you all dear students.


Name of Book


Links of lessons

April First Flight A Letter to God Click here
Dust of Snow (Poem) Click here
Fire and Ice (Poem) Click here
Footprints Without Feet A Triumph of Surgery Click here
Grammar Punctuation [Semicolon, Colon, Dash, Hyphen, Parenthesis, use of Brackets and exclamation mark] Click here
Composition Skills in writing (Business letters) Click here for Video Explanation
Click here for Written Explanation
May First Flight Nelson Mandela- Long Walk to Freedom Click here
A Tiger in the Zoo (Poem) Click here
Footprints Without Feet The Thief's Story Click here
The Midnight Visitor Click here
Grammar Tenses (Present, past, future) Click here
Articles (Definite, Indefinite) Click here
Composition Skills in writing (personal, official letters including letters on road safety) Click here for Video Explanation
Click here for Written Explanation
Reading Skills Unseen Passages Click here
June Vacation
July First Flight The Stories About Flying His First Flight Click here
Black Aeroplane Click here
How to Tell Wild Animals
The Ball Poem Click here
Footprints Without Feet A Question of Trust
Footprints Without Feet Click here
Grammar Reported Speech (Direct and Indirect speech) Click here
Composition Writing skills (Description of Function/events/incidents/including road safety) Click here
August First Flight From the Diary of Anne Frank Click here
Amanda! Click here
Animals Click here
Footprints Without Feet The Making of a Scientist Click here
Grammar Modals (shall, will, can, could, may might, must, should, would, ought to, need, dare, used to) Click here for Video
Click here for Written Material
Composition Writing Skills (Verbal and pictorial story writing) Click here
September First Flight The Hundred Dresses I & II Click here
Footprints Without Feet The Necklace Click here
Grammar Clauses: Complex and Compound Sentences [Noun, adjective and Adverbial clauses]
Composition Interview (Dialogue Completion)
October First Flight Glimpses of India
(I) A Baker from Goa
(II) Coorg
(III)Tea from Assam
Click here
The Trees (Poem) Click here
Footprints Without Feet The Hack Driver Click here
Grammar Non-Finites (The Infinitives, Gerund and Participle)
Composition Reports (Present and Past happening and functions) Click here
November First Flight Mizbil the Otter
Fog (poem)
Footprints Without Feet Bholi Click here
Grammar Use of Idioms (Verbal & prepositional phrases) Click here
Simple Advertisement (Classified advertisement e. g. Situation vacant, job wanted for, sale & purchase, accommodation wanted, lost & found) Click here
December First Flight Madam Rides the Bus Click here
The Sermon at Benares Click here
The Tale of Custard the Dragon (Poem) Click here
Footprints Without Feet The Book That Saved the Earth Click here
Literary Terms Figures of speech (Simile, metaphor, rhyme scheme) Click here for Video
Conversation & Discussion (Simple conversation on topics given by the teacher)
January First Flight The Proposal Click here
For Anne Gregory (Poem)
Grammar Revision (Tenses, reported speech, modals, and Sub-Verb Concord) Click here
Composition Writing skills (Application, letters and stories) Click here
Reading skills (unseen passages poster making including Road Safety) Click here
February Revision of the whole syllabus
March Exam
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