HBSE Syllabus 2021-2022

Subject: English

Class 10th

First Flight: A Letter to God L1
Dust of Snow, Fire and Ice poem 1 &2
Footprint Without Feet: A Triumph of Surgery L1
Grammar Punctuation: Semi-Colon, Colon, Dash, use of brackets and Exclamation mark
Composition: Skills in writing (business letters)

First Flight: Nelson Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom L2
A Tiger in the Zoo poem 3
Footprint Without Feet: The Thief’s Story L2
The Midnight Visitor L3
Grammar: Tenses: Present, Past, Future, Articles: Definite, Indefinite
Composition: Skills in writing (personal, official letters including letters on road safety)
Reading Skill: Unseen passages
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First Flight: Two Stories about Flying: His First Flight, The Black Aeroplane L3
How to Tell Wild Animals poem 4
The Ball Poem poem 5
Footprint Without Feet: A Question of Trust L4,
Footprint Without Feet L5
Grammar: Reported Speech: Direct and Indirect Speech
Composition: Writing Skills: (Description of Function/events/incidents/including road safety)

First Flight: From the Diary of Anne Frank L4
Amanda poem 6
Animals poem 7
Footprint Without Feet: The Making of a Scientist L6
Grammar: Modals (shall, will, can, could, may, might must, should, would, ought to, need, dare, used to)
Composition: Writing skills (Verbal and pictorial story writing)
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First Flight: The Hundred Dresses part 1 and 2 L5 & L6
Footprint Without Feet: The Necklace L7
Grammar: Clauses: Complex and Compound sentences [noun, adjective and adverbial clauses]
Composition: Interview (dialogue completion)

First Flight: Glimpses of India: i) A Baker from Goa, ii) Coorg, iii) Tea from Assam L7
The Trees poem 8
Footprint Without Feet: The Hack Driver L8
Grammar: Non-finites (the infinitives and gerunds and participles)
Composition: Reports (present and past happening and functions)

First Flight: Mijbil: The Otter L8
Fog poem 9
Footprint Without Feet: Bholi L9
Grammar: use of idioms (verbal and prepositional phrases)
Composition: Simple Advertisement (Classified advertisement e.g. Situation Vacant, Job wanted, for sale and
purchase, Accommodation Wanted, lost and found)

First Flight: Madam Rides the Bus L8
The Sermon at Banaras L9
The Tale of Custard the Dragon (poem 10)
Footprint Without Feet: The Book That Saved the Earth L10
Literary Terms: figures of speech: Simile, Metaphor, Rhyme Scheme
Composition: Conversation & Discussion (simple conversation on topics given by the teacher)

First Flight: The Proposal L11
For Anne Gregory (poem 11)
Footprint Without Feet: Road Safety
Grammar: Revision (Tenses, Reported Speech, Modals and clauses)
Composition: Writing Skills: (Application, Letters and Stories)
Reading skills (unseen passages, poster making including road safety)

Revision of the whole syllabus