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Footprints Without Feets


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Can human body become transparent like sheet of glass? Is it practical for us to invent such a drug to become invisible? Won’t there be lawlessness in society?
Think of the situation if that formula goes to a lawless person. Yes, these questions are raised in this lesson which is an excerpt from the novel, The Invisible Man written by H G Wells, father of science fiction. He was an English writer. He was prolific in many genres, writing dozens of novels, short stories, and works of social commentary, satire, biography, and autobiography, and even two books on recreational war games. His predictions for the future came true many a times that he is sometimes called “the father of Futurism.” He is now best remembered for his science fiction novels and is often called the "father of science fiction"


This story is about a scientist. His name was Griffin. One day, he discovered a wonderful drug. This drug could make him invisible. He set his landlord's house on fire. Then he took the drug. He became invisible. He could see everybody but nobody could see him. But it was very cold. He was without clothes. He went into a store. He passed his night there. He stole money and clothes from there. He went to a village called Iping. There he stayed at an inn. He stole some money. The police were called. But he became invisible and escaped from there.

यह कहानी एक वैज्ञानिक के बारे में है। उसका नाम ग्रिफिन था। एक दिन उसने एक अद्भुत दवाई की खोज की। दवाई उसे अदृश्य बना सकती थी। उसने अपने मकान मालिक के घर को आग लगा दी। तब उसने दवाई ली। वह अदृश्य हो गया। वह प्रत्येक व्यक्ति को देख सकता था मगर उसे कोई नहीं देख सकता था। लेकिन बहुत ठंड थी। वह बिना कपड़ों के था। वह स्टोर में गया। उसने रात वहाँ बिताई। उसने वहाँ से पैसे और कपड़े चुराए। वह आइपिंग नामक एक गांव में गया। यहाँ यह एक सराय में ठहरा। उसने कुछ पैसे चुराए। पुलिस को बुलाया गया। मगर यह अदृश्य बन गया और यहाँ से बच निकला।


As the story is about an invisible scientist whose footprints are visible but he is unseen. “Footprints Without Feet” the title arouses the curiosity of the readers; thus, title is apt and justifiable. It conveys the chief elements of the story. ...

Would you like to be invisible? What would you like to do? What will be the advantages and disadvantages you see in getting invisibility?
Remember that power without responsibility can be disastrous. We all will agree that all inventions must therefore be monitored and developed for the good of society, not for the benefit of specific individual. Otherwise, damage would be immense.

Summary In English

Griffin was a brilliant scientist. He conducted many experiments. One day he discovered a wonderful drug. It could make him invisible. He took that drug and became invisible. He could see everybody but nobody could see him. Griffin's landlord did not like him. He tried to get his house vacated. Griffin became angry. He set the house on fire. Then he took the drug. He took off his clothes. He became invisible and went out. It was winter. It was not easy to walk without clothes. Griffin had no money. So, he went into a big London store.

He stole clothes from there. When he walked with those clothes, it seemed as if a headless man was walking. He took meat, coffee, sweets and wine from the kitchen of the store. Then he slept on a pile of quilts there.
The next morning, he did not wake up in time. The shop assistants arrived and saw him. Griffin ran out of fear in panic. The assistants ran after him. Griffin took off his clothes one by one. He became invisible again. But now he was shivering with cold. He entered the shop of a theatrical company. He wore bandages round his forehead. He also wore dark glasses, a false nose and whiskers.

Griffin robbed some money of the shopkeeper. Then he took a train and reached Iping village. At Iping, Griffin booked two rooms at an inn. He paid the rent in advance. The name of the landlady was Mrs. Hall. She tolerated the strange behaviour of Griffin. Soon Griffin spent the stolen money. He told the landlady that he had no cash. He said that he was expecting a cheque. The next day, he stole money from the house of clergyman. clergyman and his wife were surprised. They had not seen anybody coming. The room was empty. Even then the money was stolen.
After sometime, the landlord and his wife found that Griffin's room was open. They entered the room but there was nobody. Griffin's clothes and bandages were lying on the floor. Suddenly, the hat jumped and struck Mrs. Hall's face. Then the chair jumped and charged at her. The couple was afraid. They thought that there were ghosts in the room. They cried and ran downstairs.
The neighbours gathered there. They thought that Griffin was responsible for all that. A policeman was called. Before that Griffin and Mrs. Hall had a quarrel. Griffin became angry. He threw off his bandages, spectacles and false nose. Now he was wearing clothes but his body was not visible above the neck The people were horrified when they saw a headless man.

Just then the policeman came. He was also surprised when he saw a headless man. He tried to catch Griffin. But Griffin started taking off his clothes. He became invisible.

Those who tried to catch him, got blows out of air. Soon Griffin became free. Nobody knew where to lay a hand on him. Griffin came out of the inn and started walking on the road. Now he was again a free man.

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Summary in Hindi

ग्रिफिन एक प्रतिभाशाली वैज्ञानिक था। उसने अनेक प्रयोग किए। एक दिन उसने एक अद्भुत औषधि का आविष्कार किया। उसको अदृश्य बना सकती थी। उसने वह औषधि ली और अदृश्य बन गया। वह प्रत्येक व्यक्ति को देख सकता था लेकिन उसे कोई भी नहीं देख सकता था।
ग्रिफिन का मकान मालिक उसे पसंद नहीं करता था। उसने अपना मकान खाली कराने का प्रयास किया। ग्रिफिन क्रोधित हो गया। उसने घर को आग लगा दी। तब उसने औषधि ली। उसने अपने वस्त्र उतारे। वह अदृश्य हो गया और बाहर चला गया। सर्दी का मौसम था। बिना वस्त्रों के घूमना आसान नहीं था। ग्रिफिन के पास पैसे नहीं थे। इसलिए वह लंदन के एक स्टोर में घुस गया। उसने वहाँ से वस्त्र चुराए। जब वह उन कपड़ों को पहनकर चला तो ऐसा लग रहा था जैसे कि कोई बिना सिर आदमी चल रहा हो। उसने स्टोर की रसोई में से माँस, कॉफी, मिठाइयों और शराब ली। तब वह वह वहां गद्दों (रजाइयों) के एक ढेर पर सो गया।
अगली सुबह वह समय पर नहीं उठा। दुकान के सहायक पहुंचे और उसे देखा। ग्रिफिन डर के मारे बाहर भागा। सहायक उसके पीछे भागे। ग्रिफिन ने एक-एक करके अपने वस्त्र उतार दिए।

वह पुनः अदृश्य बन गया। लेकिन इस बार वह ठंड के कारण कांप रहा था। वह एक नाटकीय कंपनी की दुकान में घुस गया। उसने अपने माथे पर पट्टियाँ बाँधी। उसने काले चश्मे, नकली नाक और मूँछे भी पहनीं। ग्रिफिन ने दुकानदार का कुछ धन लूटा। तब उसने गाड़ी पकड़ी और आइपिंग गाँव गया।
आइपिंग में ग्रिफिन ने एक सराय में दो कमरे बुक करवाए। उसने किराया पेशगी दे दिया। सराय की मालकिन का नाम श्रीमती हाॅल था। उसने ग्रिफिन के विचित्र व्यवहार को सहन किया। शीघ्र ही ग्रिफिन ने चुराया हुआ धन खर्च कर दिया। उसने सराय की मालकिन को बताया कि उसके पास नकद पैसे नहीं है। उसने कहा कि वह किसी भी समय चैक में आने की प्रतीक्षा है। अगले दिन उसने पादरी के घर से धन चुराया। पादरी और उसकी पत्नी हैरान थे। उन्होंने किसी को भी आते हुए नहीं देखा था। कमरा खाली था। फिर भी धन चोरी हो गया था।
कुछ समय पश्चात् मालिक और उसकी पत्नी ने पाया कि ग्रिफित का कमरा खुला हुआ था। उन्होंने कमरे में प्रवेश किया लेकिन वहाँ कोई भी नहीं था। ग्रिफिन के कपड़े और पट्टियों फर्श पर बिखरे हुए थे। अचानक ही टोप उछला और श्रीमती हाॅल के मुँह पर जा लगा। तब कुर्सी उछली और उस पर हमला कर दिया। दंपति डर गए। उन्होंने सोचा कि कमरे में भूत थे। वे चिल्लाए सीढियों से नीचे भागे।

वहां पड़ोसी एकत्रित हो गए। उन्होंने सोचा कि इसके लिए ग्रिफिन जिम्मेवार था। एक सिपाही को बुलाया गया। उससे पहले ग्रिफिन और श्रीमती हॉल में लड़ाई हुई। ग्रिफिन क्रोधित हो गया। उसने अपनी पट्टियाँ, चश्मे और नकली नाक उतारकर फेंक दिए। अब उसने वस्त्र पहन रखे थे लेकिन गर्दन से ऊपर उसका शरीर अदृश्य था। लोग भयभीत हो गए जब उन्होंने एक बिना सिर वाले व्यक्ति को देखा।
तभी सिपाही आ गया। उसने एक बिना सिर के आदमी को देखा तो वह भी हैरान हो गया। उसने ग्रिफिन को पकड़ने का प्रयास किया। लेकिन ग्रिफिन ने अपने वस्त्र उतारने शुरू कर दिए।

वह अदृश्य बन गया। जिन्होंने उसे पकड़ने का प्रयास किया उन्हें हवा में से घूंसे लगे। शीघ्र ही ग्रिफिन स्वतंत्र हो गया। कोई भी नहीं जानता था कि उसे पकड़ने के लिए कहाँ हाथ डाला जाए। ग्रिफिन सराय से बाहर निकला और उसने सड़क पर चलना आरंभ कर दिया। अब वह पुनः एक स्वतंत्र आदमी था।

Full Explanation

Can a man become invisible? This is the story of a scientist who discovers how to make himself invisible. Does he use, or misuse, his discovery?
The two boys started in surprise at the fresh muddy (covered in or full of mud)

imprints (impress, stamp, a mark or outline on a surface) of a pair of bare> (not clothed or covered) feet. What was a barefooted man doing on the steps of a house, in the middle of London? And where was the man?
As they gazed, (looked at steadily and intently, especially in admiration, surprise, or thought) a remarkable (worthy of attention; striking) sight (the faculty or power of seeing) met their eyes. A fresh footmark appeared from nowhere!
Further footprints followed, one after another, descending the steps and progressing (move forward or onward in space or time) down the street. The boys followed, fascinated, (strongly attracted and interested) until the muddy impressions became fainter (barely perceptible) and fainter, and at last disappeared altogether. The explanation of the mystery was really simple enough. The bewildered (perplexed and confused) boys had been following a scientist who had just discovered how to make the human body transparent.

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दो लड़कों ने नंगे पाँव के कीचड़ वाले ताजा पदचिह्नों की तरफ हैरानी से देखा। कोई नंगे पाँवों वाला व्यक्ति लंदन के मध्य में स्थित एक मकान की सीढ़ियों पर क्या कर रहा था? और वह व्यक्ति कहाँ था ?
लड़के ध्यान से देख ही रहे थे कि उन्हें एक विचित्र दृश्य देखने को मिला। यहीं कहीं से एक ताजा पदचिह्न प्रकट हुआ। उनके आगे सीढ़ियों से उतरते हुए तथा नीचे गली में जाते हुए एक-एक करके और पदचिह्न आगे बढ़ने लगे। लड़के कौतूहलवश पीछा करने लगे। आखिरकार कीचड़ भरे निशान मद्धम होते गए और फिर पूर्णतया लुप्त हो गए। इस रहस्य का कारण वास्तव में बहुत आसान था। आश्चर्यचकित लड़के एक ऐसे वैज्ञानिक का पीछा कर रहे थे, जिसने मानव शरीर को पारदर्शक बनाने की विधि खोज ली थी।
यह सिद्ध करने के लिए कि मानव शरीर को अदृश्य बनाया जा सकता है, ग्रिफिन नामक वैज्ञानिक ने अनेक प्रयोग किए थे। अंत में उसने कुछ दुर्लभ दवाइयां निगली तथा उसका शरीर एक शीशे की तरह पारदर्शक बन गया यद्यपि यह शीशे की तरह ठोस ही रहा।

Griffin, the scientist, had carried out experiment after experiment to prove that the human body could become invisible. Finally, he swallowed certain rare drugs and his body became as transparent as a sheet of glass — though it also remained as solid as glass.
Brilliant scientist though he was, Griffin was rather a lawless person. His landlord disliked him and tried to eject (compel (someone) to leave a place) him. In revenge Griffin set fire to the house. To get away without being seen he had to remove his clothes. Thus, it was that he became a homeless wanderer, without clothes, without money, and quite invisible — until he happened to step in some mud, and left footprints as he walked!
He escaped easily enough from the boys who followed his footprints in London. But his adventures were by no means over. He had chosen a bad time of the year to wander (walk or move in a leisurely or aimless way.) about London without clothes. It was mid-winter. The air was bitterly (in an angry, hurt, or resentful way) cold and he could not do without clothes. Instead of walking about the streets he decided to slip into a big London store for warmth.
Closing time arrived, and as soon as the doors were shut Griffin was able to give himself the pleasure of clothing and feeding himself without regard to expense. (the cost incurred in or required for something.) He broke open boxes and wrappers and fitted himself out with warm clothes. Soon, with shoes, an overcoat and a wide-brimmed hat, he became a fully dressed and visible person. In the kitchen of the restaurant, he found cold meat and coffee, and he followed up the meal with sweets and wine taken from the grocery store. Finally, he settled down to sleep on a pile of quilts.

यद्यपि ग्रिफिन एक तीव्र बुद्धि वाला वैज्ञानिक था, फिर भी वह काफी स्वेच्छाचारी व्यक्ति था। उसका मकान मालिक उसे पसंद नहीं करता था और उसे अपने मकान से निकालना चाहता था। बदला लेने के लिए ग्रिफिन ने मकान को आग लगा दी। बिना दिखाई
दिए भाग जाने के लिए उसे अपने कपड़े उतारने पड़े। इस प्रकार एक अदृश्य व्यक्ति बनकर वह बेघर होकर बिना कपड़ों और बिना पैसों के भटकने लगा। जब तक उसके पाँव कीचड़ में पड़ गए और चलते चलते उसके पाँव के निशान बनने लगे थे।
उसने उन लड़कों से आसानी से पीछा छुड़ा लिया जो लंदन में उसके कदमों के निशानों का पीछा  कर रहे थे। परंतु उसके जोखिम भरे कार्य अभी पूरे नहीं हुए थे। बिना वस्त्र पहने लंदन में घूमने के लिए उसने साल का गलत समय चुना था। यह शीत ऋतु का मध्य था। हवा बहुत अधिक ठंडी थी और वह बिना  कपड़ों के नहीं रह सकता था। गलियों में इधर-उधर घूमने की बजाय उसने गरमाहट के लिए लंदन के एक बड़े स्टोर के अंदर जाने का निर्णय लिया। स्टोर बंद होने का समय हुआ और जैसे ही दरवाजे बंद हुए, ग्रिफिन को बिना पैसा खर्च किए खाने-पीने का मौका मिल गया। उसने संदूकों और लिफाफों को खोला और स्वयं को गर्म कपड़ों से सुसज्जित कर लिया।
वह जुते, ओवरकोट और एक खुला किनारे वाला टोप पहनकर शीघ्र से पूर्णता और दृश्य व्यक्ति बन गया। भोजनालय के रसोईघर से उसे मांस और काॅफी मिली और भोजन करने के बाद उसने किराने के स्टोर से मिठाईयाँ और मदिरा का सेवन किया। अंत में वह एक रजाइयों के ढेर पर सो गया।

If only Griffin had managed to wake up in good time all might have been well. As it was, he did not wake up until the assistants were already arriving next morning. When he saw a couple of them approaching, he panicked (feel or cause to feel panic) and began to run. They naturally gave chase. In the end he was able to escape only by quickly taking off his newly found clothes. So once more he found himself invisible but naked in the chill January air. This time he decided to try the stock of a theatrical (relating to acting, actors, or the theatre) company in the hope of finding not only clothes but also something that would hide the empty space above his shoulders. Shivering (shaking slightly and uncontrollably as a result of being cold, frightened, or excited) with cold he hurried to Drury Lane, the centre of the theatre world. He soon found a suitable shop. He made his way, invisible, upstairs and came out a little later wearing bandages round his forehead, dark glasses, false nose, big bushy side-whiskers,

(a long projecting hair or bristle growing from the face or snout of many mammals) and a large hat. To escape without being seen, he callously (in a way that shows an insensitive and cruel disregard for others) attacked the shopkeeper from behind, after which he robbed him of all the money he could find. Eager to get away from crowded London he took a train to the village of Iping, where he booked two rooms at the local inn. (a pub, typically one in the country, in some cases providing accommodation)

यदि ग्रिफिन केवल ठीक समय पर जाग जाता तो भी सब कुछ ठीक रहता। मगर हुआ ऐसा कि उसकी आँखे तब तक नहीं खुली जब तक दूकान के कर्मचारी अगली प्रात: वहीं नहीं आ गए। जब उसने उनमें से दो को आते देखा तो वह घबरा गया और भागने लगा।
स्वाभाविक रूप से उन्होंने उसका पीछा किया। अंत में वह अपने हाल ही में प्राप्त कपड़ों को शीघ्रता से उतार देने से बचने योग्य हो गया। इसलिए एक बार फिर उसने स्वयं को जनवरी की ठण्डी हवा में  अदृश्य मगर नंगा पाया। इस आशा में कि उसे अपने कंधे के ऊपर के खाली स्थान को छुपाने के लिए कुछ मिल जाएगा। इस बार उसने एक नाटकीय कंपनी के स्टॉक को आजमाने का फैसला किया। ठंड से काँपते हुए यह Drury Lane ड्रामा संसार के केंद्र की ओर भागा।
उसे शीघ्र ही एक उचित दुकान मिल गई। यह अदृश्य रूप से सीढ़ियों पर चढ़ा  और थोड़ी देर बाद अपने माथे पर पट्टियाँ, काला चश्मा, नकली नाक, गुच्छेदार मूंछें और एक लंबा टोप पहने हुए बाहर आया। वहां से बिना दिखाई दिए भाग निकलने के लिए  उसने दुकानदार पर पीछे से बड़ी निर्दयता से प्रहार किया और इसके पश्चात् उसे जो भी धन मिला, उसे लूट कर चलता बना। भीड़-भाड़ वाले लंदन से बच भागने को उत्सुक, उसने आइपिंग गाँव की गाड़ी पकड़ी। जहां पर उसने एक स्थानीय सराय में दो कमरे बुक किए।

The arrival of a stranger at an inn in winter was in any case an unusual event. A stranger of such uncommon appearance set all tongues wagging. (Move or cause to move rapidly to and from) Mrs Hall, the landlord’s wife, made every effort to be friendly. But Griffin had no desire to talk, and told her, “My reason for coming to Iping is a desire for solitude. (The state or situation of being alone) I do not wish to be disturbed in my work. Besides, an accident has affected my face.” Satisfied that her guest was an eccentric (unconventional and slightly strange) scientist, and in view of the fact that he had paid her in advance, Mrs Hall was prepared to excuse his strange habits and irritable temper. But the stolen money did not last long, and presently Griffin had to admit that he had no more ready cash. He pretended, however, that he was expecting a cheque to arrive at any moment. Shortly afterwards a curious (strange; unusual) episode occurred. Very early in the morning a clergyman (a male priest, minister, or religious leader, especially a Christian one) and his wife were awakened by noises in the study. Creeping downstairs, they heard the chink of money being taken from the clergyman’s desk. Without making any noise and with a poker (a metal rod with a handle, used for prodding and stirring an open fire) grasped (seize and hold firmly) firmly in his hand, the clergyman flung open the door. “Surrender! Then to his amazement he realised that the room appeared to be empty. He and his wife looked under the desk, and behind the curtains, and even up the chimney. There wasn’t a sign of anybody. Yet the desk had been opened and the housekeeping money was missing. “Extraordinary affair!” (An event or sequence of events of a specified kind or that has previously been referred to) the clergyman kept saying for the rest of the day. But it was not as extraordinary as the behaviour of Mrs Hall’s furniture a little later that morning.

सर्दियों में सराय में एक अजनबी का आना एक असाधारण घटना थी। सब लोग असाधारण वेशभूषा वाले अजनबी के आने की चर्चा करने लगे। सराय की मालकिन श्रीमती हाँल ने दोस्ताना रहने का भरसक प्रयास किया परन्तु ग्रिफिन तो बात करना ही नहीं चाहता था और उसने कहा, मेरे आपपिंग में आने का उद्देश्य एकांत प्राप्त करना ही है। मैं चाहता हूँ कि मेरे काम में मुझे कोई तंग न करे। इसके अतिरिक्त एक दुर्घटना के कारण मेरा चेहरा बिगड़ गया है।
इस बात से संतुष्ट होकर कि उसका अतिथि एक सनकी वैज्ञानिक था और यह देखते हुए कि उसने किराया भी पेशगी दे दिय़ा था, श्रीमती हाल उसे उसकी विचित्र आदतों और चिड़चिड़े स्वभाव के लिए क्षमा करने को तैयार हो गई। परंतु चुराया हुआ पैसा अधिक देर तक न रह सका और शीघ्र ही ग्रिफिन को यह बात स्वीकार करनी पड़ी कि उसके और रुपया नहीं है। उसने बहाना बनाया कि उसे जल्दी ही एक चैक के आने की आशा है। उसके थोड़ी देर बाद एक अद्भुत घटना घटी। बहुत प्रातः एक पादरी और उसकी पत्नी पढ़ने वाले कमरे में शोर सुनकर जाग उठे। चुपके से नीचे आते हुए उन्हें पादरी के डेस्क में से धन निकाले जाने को आवाज सुनाई दी।
हाथ में दृढ़ता से लोहे की छड़ पकड़कर और बिना कोई शोर किए पादरी ने एक कमरे का दरवाजा खोल दिया।
"आत्मसमर्पण करो!"
यह देखकर हैरानी हुई कि कमरा खाली था। उसने और उसकी पत्नी ने मेज के नीचे, परदे के पीछे और चिमनी में भी देखा। कहीं किसी का कोई चिह्न नहीं था। फिर भी डेस्क खोला गया था और घर के खर्च के पैसे गायब थे। "असाधारण बात!" पादरी सारा दिन यही कहता रहा। परंतु यह इतनी असाधारण बात नहीं थी जितनी कि थोड़ी देर बाद श्रीमती हाल के कमरे के फर्नीचर की स्थिति हुई थी।

The landlord and his wife were up very early, and were surprised to see the scientist’s door wide open. Usually it was shut and locked, and he was furious (extremely angry) if anyone entered his room. The opportunity seemed too good to be missed. They peeped (look quickly and furtively at something, especially through a narrow opening) round the door, saw nobody, and decided to investigate. The bedclothes were cold, showing that the scientist must have been up for some time; and stranger still, the clothes and bandages that he always wore were lying about the room.
All of a sudden Mrs Hall heard a sniff (draw up air audibly through the nose to detect a smell, to stop it running, or to express contempt)close to her ear. A moment later the hat on the bedpost leapt (jump or spring a long way, to a great height, or with great force) up and dashed itself into her face. Then the bedroom chair became alive. Springing into the air it charged straight at her, legs foremost. As she and her husband turned away in terror, (extreme fear) the extraordinary chair pushed them both out of the room and then appeared to slam (shut a door, window, or lid) forcefully and loudly) and lock the door after them.
Mrs Hall almost fell down the stairs in hysterics. (a wildly emotional and exaggerated reaction) She was convinced that the room was haunted by spirits, and that the stranger had somehow caused these to enter into her furniture.
“My poor mother used to sit in that chair,” she moaned. (Make a long, low sound expressing physical or mental suffering) “To think it should rise up against me now!”
The feeling among the neighbours was that the trouble was caused by witchcraft. (the practice of magic, especially black magic; the use of spells) But witchcraft or not, when news of the burglary at the clergyman’s home became known, the strange scientist was strongly suspected of having had a hand in it. Suspicion grew even stronger when he suddenly produced some ready cash, though he had admitted not long before that he had no money.

सराय का मालिक और उसकी पत्नी सुबह जल्दी जाग गए और वैज्ञानिक के कमरे का दरवाजा एकदम खुला देखकर हैरान हुए। प्रायः यह अंदर से बंद ही रहता था और इस पर ताला लगा रहता था और यदि कोई उसके कमरे में प्रवेश करता तो वह बहुत नाराज होता। मोका इतना अच्छा था कि वे इसे खोना नहीं चाहते थे। उन्होंने कमरे के चारों ओर झांका, कोई दिखाई न दिया और छानबीन करने का निश्चय किया। पलंग पर बिछे हुए कपड़े ठंड़े थे, जिससे यह स्पष्ट था कि वैज्ञानिक को बिस्तर छोड़े काफी समय हो गया है और हैरानी की बात यह थी कि वे कपड़े और पट्टियां, जिन्हें वैज्ञानिक सदा पहने रहता था, कमरे में बिखरी पड़ी थी।

अचानक श्रीमती हाल ने अपने कान के समीप साँस लेने की आवाज सुनी। एक क्षण बाद बिस्तर के पाये से टोप उछला और उसके चेहरे से टकराया। तब कमरे की कुर्सी सजीव हो गई। हवा में उछलकर उसने सीधे अगली टांगों से उस पर आक्रमण किया।  जैसे ही वह और उसका पति भयभीत होकर जाने के लिए मुझे, असाधारण कुर्सी ने उन्हें कमरे से बाहर धकेल दिया और उन पर दरवाजा बंद करके कमरे का ताला लगाती हुई प्रतीत हुई।
श्रीमती हाल लगभग बेहोश होकर सीढ़ियों से गिर पड़ी। उसे विश्वास हो गया कि कमरे में भूत-प्रेत है और अजनबी ने किसी तरह उनको फर्नीचर में दाखिल कर दिया था।
"मेरी बेचारी मां भी उस कुर्सी पर बैठती थी", उसने कराहकर कहा। "जरा सोचो कि वही कुर्सी मेरे विरुद्ध खड़ी हो गई है!" पड़ोसियों की धारणा थी कि इस मुसीबत का कारण जादू-टोना है। परंतु जादू-टोना हो, चाहे न हो, जब  पादरी के घर चोरी का समाचार फैला तो संदेह किया जाने लगा कि इसमें विचित्र वैज्ञानिक का हाथ था। जब उसने एकदम नकद रुपए पेश किए तो यह संदेह और भी पक्का हो गया क्योंकि उसने कुछ समय पहले ही स्वीकार किया था कि उसके पास नकद पैसे नहीं हैं।

The village constable was secretly sent for. Instead of waiting for the constable, Mrs Hall went to the scientist, who had somehow mysteriously appeared from his empty bedroom. “I want to know what you have been doing to my chair upstairs,” she demanded. “And I want to know how it is you came out of an empty room and how you entered a locked room.” The scientist was always quick-tempered; now he became furious. “You don’t understand who or what I am!” he shouted. “Very well — I’ll show you.”
Suddenly he threw off bandages, whiskers, spectacles, and even nose. It took him only a minute to do this. The horrified (filled with terror; extremely shocked) people in the bar found themselves staring at a headless man!
Mr Jaffers, the constable, now arrived, and was quite surprised to find that he had to arrest a man without a head. But Jaffers was not easily prevented (keep away (something) from happening) from doing his duty. If a magistrate’s (a civil officer who administers the law, especially one who conducts a court that deals with minor offences and holds preliminary hearings for more serious ones) warrant ordered a person’s arrest, then that person had to be arrested, with or without his head.
There followed a remarkable scene as the policeman tried to get hold of a man who was becoming more and more invisible as he threw off one garment after another. Finally, a shirt flew into the air, and the constable found himself struggling with someone he could not see at all. Some people tried to help him, but found themselves hit by blows that seemed to come from nowhere.
In the end Jaffers was knocked (collide with (someone or something), giving them a hard blow) unconscious as he made a last attempt to hold on to the unseen scientist. There were nervous, excited cries of “Hold him!” But this was easier said than done. Griffin had shaken himself free, and no one knew where to lay hands on him.

गुप्त रूप से गाँव के सिपाही को बुलाया गया। सिपाही की प्रतीक्षा करने की बजाए श्रीमती हाल वैज्ञानिक के पास गई, जो रहस्यमय तरीके से अपने खाली शयनकक्ष से प्रकट हुआ था।उसने पूछा, "तुम ऊपर मेरी कुर्सी को क्या करते रहे हो? और में जानना चाहती हूँ कि खाली कमरे में से तुम कैसे प्रकट हुए और तुमने तालाबंद कमरे में किस प्रकार प्रवेश किया।"
वैज्ञानिक को सदैव जल्दी क्रोध आ जाता था, अब वह क्रोध से लाल-पीला हो गया। "तुम नहीं जानती कि में कौन और क्या हूँ" वह चिल्लाया। "ठीक है मैं तुम्हें दिखाऊँगा।" अचानक उसने अपनी पट्टियां, मूंछ , चश्मा और नकली नाक भी फेंक दी। उसे ऐसा करने में केवल एक मिनट लगा। बार में उपस्थित लोग भयभीत होकर बिना सिर के मनुष्य को आंखे फाड़ फाड़कर  देखने लगे!
पुलिस का सिपाही मिस्टर जैफर्ज, अब पहुंच गया था और वह यह जानकर बहुत हैरान हुआ कि उसे बिना सिर के मनुष्य को पकड़ना था। परंतु जैफर्ज को अपना कर्तव्य निभाने में आसानी से नहीं रोका जा सकता था। यदि मैजिस्ट्रेट ने एक व्यक्ति को गिरफ्तार करने का आदेश दिया हो, तो उस व्यक्ति को पकड़ना ही पड़ता है चाहे उसका सिर हो या नहीं। यह विचित्र दृश्य देखने में आया जब सिपाही ने एक ऐसे व्यक्ति को पकड़ने का प्रयत्न किया जो अधिक अदृश्य होता जा रहा था क्योंकि वह एक-एक करके कपड़े उतार रहा था। अंत में एक कमीज हवा में उड़ी और सिपाही ने पाया कि वह एक ऐसे व्यक्ति से संघर्ष कर रहा था, जिसे वह बिल्कुल देख नहीं सकता था।
कुछ लोगों ने उसकी सहायता करने प्रयत्न किया, परंतु न जाने कहाँ से उन पर मार पड़ने लगी। अंत में जब जैफर्ज ने अदृश्य वैज्ञानिक को पकड़ने का प्रयास किया तो वह चोट खाकर बेहोश हो गया। लोग घबराकर चिल्लाए, "उसे पकड़ो" मगर कहना आसान था, करना नहीं। ग्रिफिन ने स्वयं को आजाद करवा लिया था और अब कोई नहीं जानता था कि उसे कहाँ से पकड़ा जाए।


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Q1. How did invisible man become visible?
BSEH. SET B 2020, SET B 2017
A: The invisible man entered a big London store for. some warmth. He broke open boxes and wrappers and fitted himself with warm clothes. He wore shoes, an overcoat and a hat. Thus, now he was a fully visible man.

Q2. What did Griffin do in the house of the clergyman?
BSEH, SET D 2020
A: Money stolen by Griffin did not last long. Griffin was short of money now. He decided to steal the money from the clergyman’s house. He entered the house invisibly and stole money from his desk.

Q3. Why was Griffin wandering the streets?
BSEH, SET A 2020, SET D 2019, SET C 2018, SET A 2017
A: After setting fire to his landlord’s house, he was now a homeless wanderer. He feared lest the police should catch him. So, he was invisibly wandering the streets.

Q4. Why does Mrs. Hall find the scientist eccentric?
BSEH, SET C 2019
A: To avoid crowd of London, Griffin comes to Iping in winter. His timing of visiting Iping was strange itself. Mrs Hall tried to be friendly but he showed no desire to talk by saying he was there to live in solitude. And that he did not want to be disturbed by anyone. Thus, she finds him unusual.

Q5. What curious episode occurs in the study? Discuss.
What other extraordinary things happen at the inn?

BSEH, SET B 2019
A: A curious episode occurred early in the morning. The clergyman and his wife heard noises downstairs in study. They heard the chink of money being taken from the desk. Clergyman having a stick in his hand asks to surrender but he finds the room empty. Though they searched but no sign of anybody was there. Yet the desk was opened and money was missing.

Q6. What other extraordinary things happen at the inn?
A: One day, early in the morning, the clergyman and his wife heard noises in their study room. They went downstairs. They heard the chink of money. Someone was stealing the money from the desk. They opened the door silently. Bur they were surprised finding the room empty. Yet the money was missing. This was extraordinary thing.

Q7. After making a theft in the shop of a theatrical company where did Griffin decide to go?
A: After making a theft in the shop of a theatrical company Griffin decided to go to Iping village away from crowded London.

Q8. How did Griffin become invisible?
BSEH, SET A 2018 A: Griffin was a brilliant scientist. He invented a formula by which human body could be made transparent. He discovered a rare drug. He took this drug and his body became as transparent as a sheet of glass.

Q9. Describe the policeman's fight with the invisible man.
BSEH, SET C 2020, SET C 2017 A: One day, Griffin stole money from the clergyman’s house. The people of the village suspected Griffin. They thought that he had stolen the money. Mrs. Hall called a policeman. When the policeman reached there, he was surprised. Griffin had removed his spectacles, false nose and side whiskers. Now he looked headless. The policeman was surprised as he had to arrest a headless man. He tried to catch Griffin. But Griffin started taking off his clothes one by one. He was becoming more and more invisible. In the end, he became totally invisible. The constable tried to fight with him. Some villagers also tried to help the policeman. But they received blows from nowhere. Then Griffin hit the policeman. He fell unconscious. Then Griffin became free and walked out.

Q10. “Griffin was rather a lawless person.” Comment.
A: Griffin was a lawless person without any conscience. A person who follows law and order of the country cannot think of damaging others property. He proved himself irresponsible time and again in the story that we can fully agree on this statement that he was a lawless person. Firstly, he set his landlord’s house on fire just because he was pressurising him to vacate his house. The landlord has every right to get it vacated. Then he stole clothes, food from a London store. Then he indulged in stealing money twice. Firstly, by hitting a shopkeeper from behind and rodded all his money. At Iping village he broke open a clergyman’s house and stole money from a desk in the study. Then lastly that policeman episode where he hit Mr Jaffers, the policeman to escape arrest. These instances proved that Griffin did not care for law. Thus, it is right that was a lawless person.

Q11. How would assess Griffin as a scientist?
Griffin was a brilliant scientist but not a good human being. Explain.

BSEH, Set A 2019
A: Scientific discoveries are expected to benefit mankind and scientists are supposed to work for the betterment of society. However, scientist like Griffin, show little regard for society and use their discoveries to gain their own ends. Such scientists are not true and genuine in any way. As a true scientist does not misuse his knowledge. Here he misused his knowledge 5 times in the story. He discovered a rare drug. But he misused that drug. He became invisible. He stole clothes and money. He hit the shopkeeper and robbed him. He stole clergyman’s money also. Thus, in place of using the power of invisibility to help the needy or to check crime, Griffin indulged in breaking the law. Although intelligent, Griffin’s potential as a scientist was certainly harmful.

Multiple Choice Questions

Que. 1. What was Griffin?
(A) scientist
(B) landlord
(C) clergyman
(D) shopkeeper
Que. 2. Griffin discovered a medicine that could make his body
(A) large
(B) small
(C) invisible
(D) all
Que. 3. Whose house did Griffin set on fire?
(A) the landlord
(B) the clergyman
(C) Mrs Hall
(D) the shopkeeper
Que. 4. Griffin swallowed certain rare drugs and his body became as
(A) shining
(B) thin
(C) thick
(D) transparent
Que. 5. What type of a man was Griffin?
(A) brilliant scientist
(B) lawless person
(C) both (A) and (B)
(D) none of the above
Que. 6. Who were following the muddy footprints?
(A) the landlord
(B) two girls
(C) two boys
(D) Mr and Mrs Hall
Que. 7. Griffin left his muddy footprints on the steps of
(A) a house in the middle of London
(B) Paris
(C) Moscow
(D) Iping
Que. 8. Why was it a bad time to wander about in London without clothes?
(A) it was rainy season
(B) it was very hot
(C) it was bitterly cold
(D) none of the above
Que. 9. What did Griffin do in the big London store?
(A) he wore shoes
(B) he wore an overcoat
(C) he ate cold meat and sweets
(D) all of the above
Que. 10. How did Griffin escape from the assistants?
(A) by running hard
(B) by removing his newly worn clothes
(C) by hitting the assistants
(D) by hiding in a shed
Que. 11. The shop of the theatrical company was situated at:
(A) Drury Lane
(B) London Lane
(C) Iping Lane
(D) Griffin Lane
Que. 12. Who did Griffin attack and rob all the money?
(A) the landlord
(B) the assistants of London store the owner of the theatrical company
(C) the owner of the big London store
(D) the owner of the theatrical company
Que. 13. According to Mrs Hall what type of a scientist was her guest?
(A) good
(B) brilliant
(C) eccentric
(D) all of the above
Que. 14. After making a theft in the shop of a theatrical company where did Griffin decide to go?
(A) Iping village
(B) Paris
(C) Oxford City
(D) London
Que. 15. At Iping where did Griffin stay?
(A) in a botel
(B) in an inn
(C) in a church
(D) in a hut
Tally Answers:
1. A 2. C 3. A 4. D 5. C 6. C 7. A 8. C 9. D 10. B 11. A 12. D 13. C 14. A 15. B

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