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The Hundred Dresses Part 2

Eleanor Estes


About the Author

El Bsor Ester: Eleanor Estes (1906-1988) was an American children’s author. She was a great American children’s author. Her book GINGER PIE got Newbery Medal, 1951. Her book The Moffats got Lewis Carroll Shelf Award, 1961. Her books are based on her own life. “THE Hundred Dresses” was awarded Newbery Honor in 1945. A 2004 study found that it was a common read-aloud book for third-graders in schools.
Author gives account of an incident from her own childhood on which she atoned for staying silent when a peer was bullied. When she was a child, she watched her friends bully a classmate – a Polish girl who wore the same dress each day. She was a bystander, watching, but doing nothing, and felt guilty as she grew older. Eventually she became a children’s librarian, wanting to teach others the lesson she wished she had learned as a child. “As my mother grew older, she just felt really bad about the way that little girl had been treated and isolated,” explained Estes’s daughter, Helena. “She thought, ‘Well, there’s only one thing I can do… I can write a story.’ So, she did.” In total, Eleanor Estes wrote 19 children’s books.


This lesson talks about Bullying which is humiliating and disheartening also. To make others feel down just because you are superior to them. To someone who is nowhere in studies, who is bit different. We should remember the saying “No one has ever made himself great by showing how small is someone else is”: IRVIN HIMMEL


Second thing it talks about attitude of natives towards the immigrants, as here they see Wanda as different and mock her. Discrimination on the basis of caste, creed, religion, region is not good. In school, Wanda was target because she has a different name, seemed weird to American students. They ridiculed her for being poor, living in slums, weak, little different from others.
Third, people form opinions about others on basis of possessions and appearances. How do we judge the people around us — by their money, wealth and possessions? Remember one has said that Appearances are deceptive. Do not judge one from dress or possessions, there is something more enduring to look for in a person. Sir name seems quite funny to them. Her faded blue dress, muddy shoes were enough for them to consider her a dull minded.

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Fourth, that creativity and talent go unnoticed. She is talented but without friends just because she is a Polish origin. We should not go for insensitive behaviour, not to indulge in mocking and jeering someone just because she is having a different name. One day we realise that we were wrong. Here also realisation comes but it comes late, after damage. Due to the constant discrimination, family decides to migrate. A child had to leave the school. What directed the family that they must leave town? It was their misbehaviour. So, don’t stand by silently rather say something when something wrong is going on.
Here in the story, Peggy ridicules Wanda. Maddie remains a mute spectator. But she is equally responsible in this injustice done to Wanda as she was there with her in bullying. Not telling her that she was doing wrong. She too had to atone lastly, a regret was there to all, for bullying her, due to that losing her after she was gone. All apologise lastly. So, message is to speak up if something is going wrong somewhere. Don’t just be a mute spectator, raise your voice against that.

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Summary In English


Its Monday today, one student was not at her seat. She was Wanda Petronski who was absent today. Her absence was not noticed by anyone specially, Peggy and Maddie.
Wanda Petronski who used to sit the last row at next to last seat in room no 13. She sits there with rough boys of the class. Not that she was rough. She was a quiet girl whom no one had heard laugh out loud ever. What she did sometimes was an uneven smile just that crooked sort of smile and nothing else.
She came from Boggins Heights which was a muddy and wet place of poor people. That was why her shoes were always caked with mud. So, to avoid from being noticed by American classmates and not to be a laughing stock she used to sit away from them. And once she sat in the corner of room 13, nobody thought of her whole day in class.
Only in school hours at noon time, once going back home or early in the morning, Peggy and Maddie used to make fun of her. Sometimes they waited for her to make fun of her. Another day,


Tuesday. Even today, nobody noticed that she was still absent, no one waited for her.


It was Wednesday, when Peggy and Maddie who used to sit among good scorers, whose feet were never caked with mud, did notice that Wanda was not there.
Peggy was most popular girl with pretty looks, descent clothes and curly hair. She looked beautiful. Maddie was her fast friend. Today, they notice Wanda’s absence. It was because it made them late to school as they waited for Wanda to mock at her, to have some fun. So, they noticed her absence on Wednesday only. They often waited for her to come at the gate to mock her. The reason was her name Wanda Petronski which seemed weird to American students. No name was like that in the class which was difficult to pronounce. All names were easy to say those were Thomas, Smith, Allen, Willie Bounce, Willie Bounce was bit weird to them but not as weird as Wanda’s full name. Wanda had no friends in the class though she was intelligent.


She was alone in class without friends. She came to school alone and went home alone. She always wore that blue ill-fitting faded dress. Her dress was always clean but not ironed properly. She had no friends but a lot of girls talked to her while in school. They used to surround her in the playground, while she watched little girls playing hopscotch.


Peggy Courteously behaving like Miss Mason and nudging one of her friends asked Wanda “how many dresses do you have in your closet, lined up, Wanda?” To which Wanda’s answer always was a hundred. And listening her response and not believing her, girls stopped playing hopscotch started listen to their conversation. “Yeah, a hundred, all lined up” to which Peggy once again asked her “All silk?” “Yes, all silk, all colours.” It used to be her answer to this. Velvet too? “Yeah, all lined up in my closet” Then they let her go when she was gone not far, they used to burst into peals of laughter.


She had one dress only that she wore every day. And when they asked her about her shoes. Her answer was sixty pairs, all lined up in her shoe rack. All alike? No, every pair was different. I have shoes of all colours, all lined up. Peggy and Maddie used to be last to leave after fun.


Peggy was not really cruel. She was tender heart girl. She protected small students from being bullied. And she cries if she finds an animal being mistreated. But she was mistreating a girl herself. And she was asked about “isn’t it a cruel way to deal with Wanda?” She replies in surprised say that why Wanda says that she is having one hundred dresses. Why does she lie? All know that was not ordinary what she claims same way as her name was not ordinary. It was bothering Maddie. She too was a poor girl. She used to wear “hand-me-down clothes” and she thanks God that she is not the target. Though Maddie felt embarrassed and felt sorry for Wanda. She wishes that Peggy should stop teasing Wanda. Even she wished, she had the nerve to tell Peggy that it was wrong on their part to tease Wanda.
Once Maddie decides to write to Peggy not to tease her. But she had no courage to speak or write about it. Once when she started to write to Peggy.


about it but she paused because she was shuddered by the idea. She started imagining, pictured herself as a new target for Peggy in place of Wanda. She was afraid of turning Peggy and friends turning towards her in place of Wanda.
As she knew that what Peggy’s first question on her will be like. It will be on her dress. Her dresses used to be mended by Maddie’s mother with trimmings so as to disguise it from being identified that it was Peggy’s, she was wearing. So, Maddie never spoke of it. She decides to remain mute spectator. But she wished that one day, Peggy would stop teasing Wanda. Today, she was happy that they did not make fun of Wanda, as she was absent today. Working on her arithmetic and thinking that only and only Peg is to decide to stop making fun of Wanda. Because Wanda did say nothing to anyone. It was only when she speaks about her hundred dresses when questioned by Peggy. Maddie remembers how she told her about pale blue dress with trimmings. She also remembers another Jungle green with a red sash. They even mock her by saying she would look like a Christmas tree in that dress.
Thinking about her hundred dresses, all lined up in her closet, Maddie thinks of drawing and colouring contest who will win this. It was a dress designing contest. For girls, competition was on designing dresses and for boys it was on designing motorboats. She thinks that probably Peggy would win the contest as she drew better than anyone else in class. It was thinking of everyone in the class. Peggy was so perfect that she could copy a picture by looking in the magazine. She could draw some film star head that you can easily tell who it was.
It was drizzling…. both Peggy and Maddie hurried off to school. Today, they were in no mood to be late for class. So, they did not wait for Wanda. They did not want to take chances of being late today as results were to be announced by Miss Mason. It was an important day. Peggy starts talking about results to which Maddie says that she will win for sure. Peggy also replies of her hopes of winning the drawing contest. In a short distance they covered, it took a sudden loud breath with mouth open, usually because one is surprised. They saw there were drawings all over the wall. All drawings were of dresses, dresses of dazzling colours and lavish designs. A hundred of them, all lined up. Those were for contest to which all were admiring. When all assembled, Miss Mason announced results.


For boys’ motorboats competition it was Jack Biggles who won. The designs were displayed in room 12. And in room 13, these hundred dresses were on display. Those were sketched by one girl. Miss Mason said that any one of dresses was worthy of winning the prize as for judges. It was announced that Wanda was the winner. Miss Mason said that Wanda was absent today, it was unfortunate. She was not there to receive the applause, due to her. However, she hoped that Wanda will back tomorrow. She tells class to have a look around and enjoy those drawings. Maddie watching those dress designs, asks Peggy to look at a blue one that Wanda told us about, that green one. Peggy was surprised to see those dresses. All she could say was she wished she could draw.


How do we judge the people around us — by their money, wealth and possessions (wealth/things kept) Or is there something of more enduring (long lasting account) value to look for in a person? • This story is a sensitive account of how a poor young girl is judged (assessed) by her classmates. Wanda Petronski is a young Polish girl who goes to school with other American children in an American town. These other children see Wanda as ‘different’ in many ways. Can you guess how they treat her? • Read the information in the box below. Find out more about this community (or about a related topic) from an encyclopaedia (book dealing with all branches of knowledge) or the Internet.


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The Polish-American Community in the United States
The first Polish immigrants (settlers in another country) arrived in America in 1608, but the largest wave of Polish immigration occurred (took place) in the early twentieth century, when more than one million Poles migrated to the United States. The Polish State did not exist at that time, and the immigrants were identified (recognised) according to their country of origin rather than to ethnicity (pertaining to race) .
They were identified as Russian Poles, German Poles and Austrian Poles. One of the most notable (famous) Polish-American communities is in Chicago and its suburbs (outskirts of the city) ; so, Chicago is sometimes called the second largest ‘Polish’ city in the world, next only to Warsaw, the capital of Poland. Polish-Americans were sometimes discriminated (made discrimination) against in the United States,


as were the Irish, Italians, and Jews. According to the United States 2000 census (counting of people) , 667,414 Americans of age five years and older reported Polish as the language spoken at home, which is about 1.4 per cent of the people who speak languages other than English, or 0.25 per cent of the U.S. population. TODAY, Monday, Wanda Petronski was not in her seat. But nobody, not even Peggy and Madeline, the girls who started all the fun, noticed her absence. Usually, Wanda sat in the seat next to the last seat in the last row in Room Thirteen. She sat in the corner of the room where the rough (indisciplined) boys who did not make good marks sat, the corner of the room where there was most scuffling of feet (creating noise by thumping shoes) , most roars (cries) of laughter when anything funny was said, and most mud and dirt on the floor. Wanda did not sit there because she was rough and noisy. On the contrary (on the other hand) , she was very quiet and rarely (very seldom) said anything at all. And nobody had ever heard her laugh out loud. Sometimes she twisted (moved) her mouth into a crooked sort (awkward) of smile, but that was all.

आज, सोमवार के दिन, वैंडा पैत्रोन्सकी अपनी सीट में नहीं थी। किन्तु उसकी अनुपस्थिति की तरफ़ किसी ने भी ध्यान न दिया, पैगी और मेडलीन ने भी नहीं, वे लड़कियां जिन्होंने पूरी मज़ाक वाली बात शुरू की थी। साधारणतया वैंडा तेरह नम्बर के कमरे में अन्तिम पंक्ति की अन्तिम सीट से पहले की सीट पर बैठा करती थी। वह कमरे के कोने में बैठा करती थी। जहां अशिष्ट लड़के जिनके बढ़िया अंक नहीं आया करते थे, बैठते थे, जहां सबसे ज्यादा पैरों के घसीटने की आवाजें आती रहतीं, सबसे ज़्यादा हंसी के ठहाके उठा करते जब कोई मज़ाक की बात कही जाया करती, और फर्श के ऊपर सबसे ज्यादा कीचड़ और धूल इकट्ठा हुई रहती।
वैंडा वहां इसलिए नहीं बैठती थी क्योंकि वह कोई अशिष्ट या शोर करने वाली लड़की थी। इसके विपरीत वह बहुत शान्त रहने वाली लड़की थी और शायद ही कभी कोई बात बोला करती थी। तथा कभी भी किसी ने उसे ऊंचा हंसते हुए नहीं सुना था। कभी-कभी वह अपने मुंह को एक टेढ़ी-सी हंसी की शक्ल में मरोड़ लेती, केवल इतना ही करती ।

Nobody knew exactly why Wanda sat in that seat, unless it was because she came all the way from Boggins Heights and her feet were usually caked with (covered with) dry mud.
But no one really thought much about Wanda Petronski, once she sat in the corner of the room. The time when they thought about Wanda was outside of school hours — at noon-time when they were coming back to school or in the morning early before school began, when groups of two or three, or even more, would be talking and laughing on their way to the school yard. Then, sometimes, they waited for Wanda — to have fun with her. The next day, Tuesday, Wanda was not in school, either. And nobody noticed her absence again. But on Wednesday,


Peggy and Maddie, who sat down front with other children who got good marks and who didn’t track in a whole lot of mud, did notice that Wanda wasn’t there. Peggy was the most popular girl in school. She was pretty, she had many pretty clothes and her hair was curly (wavy) .
Maddie was her closest friend. The reason Peggy and Maddie noticed Wanda’s absence was because Wanda had made them late to school. They had waited and waited for Wanda, to have some fun with her, and she just hadn’t come. They often waited for Wanda Petronski — to have fun with her.

किसी को भी सही-सही पता नहीं था कि वैंडा उस सीट में क्यों बैठा करती थी, केवल इतना ही कहा जा सकता था कि वह बौगिन्ज़ हाइट्स से पूरा रास्ता चल कर आती थी और उसके पांव प्रायः सूख हुए कीचड़ से भरे होते थे। किन्तु वास्तव में कोई भी वैंडा पैत्रोन्सकी के बारे में ज़्यादा नहीं सोचता था, जब एक बार वह कमरे के कोने में बैठ जाती थी।
वह समय जब वे वैंडा के बारे में सोचते, स्कूल वाले समय से आगे-पीछे का समय हुआ करता। दोपहर का समय जब वे स्कूल को वापस लौट रहे होते अथवा स्कूल के शुरू होने से पूर्व प्रातः का समय जब दो-दो या तीन-तीन या इससे ज्यादा लड़कियों के झुण्ड स्कूल के आंगन की तरफ़ आते हुए अपने रास्ते में बातें कर रहे होते या हंस रहे होते।
तब कई बार वे वैंडा की प्रतीक्षा करने लगते, उसके साथ मज़ाक करने के लिए।
अगले दिन, मंगलवार के दिन भी, वैन्डा स्कूल में नहीं थी। और दोबारा फिर उसकी अनुपस्थिति की तरफ़ किसी ने ध्यान न दिया।
किन्तु बुधवार के दिन, पैगी और मैडी जो दूसरे बच्चों के साथ आगे की तरफ़ बैठा करती थीं, जिनके अंक बढ़िया आया करते थे और जो पूरे कीचड़ में से चल कर नहीं आती थीं, उन्होंने अवश्य भांप लिया कि वैंडा वहां पर नहीं थी। पैगी स्कूल में सबसे लोकप्रिय लड़की थी। वह सुन्दर थी, उसके पास अनेकों सुन्दर वस्त्र थे, बाल घुंघराले थे। मैडी उसकी सबसे घनिष्ठ मित्र थी तथा जिस कारण से पैगी और मैडी ने बैंडा की अनुपस्थिति को भांपा था, वह यह था कि वैंडा ने ही उन्हें स्कूल से देरी करवा दी थी। वे वैंडा का इन्तज़ार करती रहीं और करती रहीं कि वे उसके साथ छेड़छाड़ कर सकें और वह आई ही नहीं थी।
वे प्रायः वैंडा पैत्रोन्सकी की प्रतीक्षा किया करतीं उसके साथ मज़ाक करने के लिए।

Wanda Petronski. Most of the children in Room Thirteen didn’t have names like that. They had names easy to say, like Thomas, Smith or Allen. There was one boy named Bounce, Willie Bounce, and people thought that was funny, but not funny in the same way that Petronski was. Wanda didn’t have any friends. She came to school alone and went home alone. She always wore a faded (dim coloured) blue dress


that didn’t hang right (fit properly) . It was clean, but it looked as though it had never been ironed (pressed with iron) properly. She didn’t have any friends, but a lot of girls talked to her. Sometimes, they surrounded (encircled) her in the school yard as she stood watching the little girls play hopscotch (a kind of game) on the worn hard ground. “Wanda,” Peggy would say in a most courteous (polite) manner as though she were talking to Miss Mason. “Wanda,” she’d say, giving one of her friends a nudge (a gentle push) “tell us. How many dresses did you say you had hanging up in your closet?”


“A hundred,” Wanda would say. “A hundred!” exclaimed all the little girls Incredulously (showing disbelief) , and the little ones would stop playing hopscotch and listen. “Yeah, a hundred, all lined up,” said Wanda. Then her thin lips drew together in silence. “What are they like? All silk, I bet,” said Peggy.

वैंडा पैत्रोन्सकी। कमरा नम्बर तेरह में अधिकतर बच्चों के ऐसे नाम नहीं थे। उनके नाम ऐसे थे जो कहने में आसान थे, जैसे कि टॉमस, स्मिथ और ऐलिन। वहां बाउंस नाम का एक लड़का था, विल्ली बाउंस, और लोग इसे हास्यजनक मानते थे, किन्तु वैसा हास्यजनक नहीं, जैसा कि पैत्रोन्सकी था।
वैंडा के कोई मित्र नहीं थे। वह स्कूल अकेली ही आया करती थी और अकेली ही घर जाया करती थी। वह सदा एक घिसी हुई नीली पोशाक पहना करती थी जो शरीर पर ठीक ढंग से नहीं बैठती थी। यह साफ़ होती थी, किन्तु ऐसे लगती थी मानो इसे कभी भी सही ढंग से इस्तरी न किया गया हो। उसके कोई मित्र नहीं थे, किन्तु बहुत-सी लड़कियां उससे बोल लेती थीं। कई बार वे स्कूल के आंगन में उसे घेर लेतीं जब वह घिसे हुए सख्त मैदान में छोटी-छोटी लड़कियों को एडीटप्पा खेल खेलते हुए देख रही होती।
"वैंडा, " पैगी अति विनम्र ढंग से कहती, मानो वह मिस मेसन से बात कर रही हो। "वैंडा, " अपनी सहेलियों में से एक को ठहोका देते हुए वह कहती, "हमें बताओ। तुमने कितनी पोशाकें कहा था तुम्हारे पास तुम्हारी अलमारी में लटकती हुई पड़ी हैं ?" "एक सौ," वैंडा कहती।
"एक सौ !" सभी लड़कियां अविश्वास के भाव से कह उठतीं, और छोटी-छोटी लड़कियां एडीटप्पा खेलना बन्द कर देतीं और उसकी बात सुनने लगतीं।
"हाँ, एक सौ, सभी एक कतार में रखी हुई," वैंडा कहती। फिर उसके पतले-पतले होंठ खामोशी में इकट्ठे मिल जाते। "वे कैसी हैं ? सभी रेशम की बनी होंगी, मैं शर्त से कह सकती हूं, " पैगी कह देती।

“Yeah, all silk, all colours.” “ Velvet (a kind of cloth) , too?” “Yeah, velvet too. A hundred dresses,” Wanda would repeat stolidly (without showing any feeling) . “All lined up in my closet.” Then they’d let her go. And then before she’d gone very far, they couldn’t help bursting into shrieks and peals of laughter (loud laughter) .
A hundred dresses! obviously (apparently) , the only dress Wanda had was the blue one she wore every day. So why did she say she had a hundred? What a story! “How many shoes did you say you had?” “Sixty pairs. All lined up in my closet.” Cries of exaggerated (enhanced) politeness greeted (welcomed) this. “All alike?” “Oh, no. Every pair is different. All colours. All lined up.”

"हां, सभी रेशमी, सभी रंगों में । "
"मखमल की भी, क्या ?"
"हां, मखमल की भी। एक सौ पोशाकें,' किसी आवेश में आए बिना कहती। “सभी मेरी अलमारी में एक कतार में रखी हुईं। "
तब वे लड़कियां उसे जाने देतीं। और फिर जब वह अभी बहुत दूर न गई होती तो वे हंसी की चीखें और कहकहे लगाए बिना न रह सकतीं।
एक सौ पोशाकें ! स्पष्टतया एकमात्र पोशाक जो वैंडा के पास थी वही नीली पोशाक थी जो वह प्रतिदिन पहना करती थी। तो फिर वह ऐसा क्यों कहती कि उसके पास एक सौ थीं ? कैसी अजीब कहानी बनाती थी ! “तुमने कितने जूते कहा था कि तुम्हारे पास हैं ?" "साठ जोड़ी। सभी मेरी अलमारी में कतार में रखी पड़ी हैं। " बहुत बढ़ा-चढ़ा कर व्यक्त की गई विनम्रता की चीखें इस उत्तर का स्वागत करतीं। ‘“क्या सभी एक जैसी हैं ?" "अरे, नहीं। प्रत्येक जोड़ी अलग किस्म की है। सभी रंगों की जोड़ियां हैं। सभी एक कतार में रखी हुई हैं। "

Peggy, who had thought up this game, and Maddie, her inseparable (that which cannot be separated) friend, were always the last to leave. Finally, Wanda would move up the street, her eyes dull and her mouth closed, hitching (catching) her left shoulder every now and then in the funny way she had, finishing the walk to school alone. Peggy was not really cruel. She protected (saved) small children from bullies (those who frighten the weaker persons) . And she cried for hours if she saw an animal mistreated. If anybody had said to her, “Don’t you think that is a cruel (unkind) way to treat Wanda?” she would have been very surprised. Cruel? Why did the girl say she had a hundred dresses?

पैगी जिसने इस खेल को सोच कर तैयार किया था, और मैडी, जो उसकी कभी जुदा न होने वाली मित्र थी, सदा जाने वालों में सबसे अन्तिम हुआ करती थीं । अन्त में वैंडा गली में आगे को बढ़ जाती, उसकी आंखें तेजहीन होतीं और उसका मुंह बन्द होता, हर थोड़ी देर के बाद अपने कन्धे को, जैसा कि उसकी अजीब-सी आदत थी, झटक देती, और स्कूल तक अपना रास्ता अकेले ही पूरा करती।
पैगी वास्तव में निर्दय नहीं थी। वह छोटे-छोटे बच्चों को धौंसियों से बचाया करती थी तथा वह कई कई घण्टे रोती रहती यदि वह किसी जानवर के साथ दुर्व्यवहार होता हुआ देखती। यदि किसी ने उससे ऐसा कहा होता, क्या तुम ऐसा नहीं मानती कि वैंडा से व्यवहार करने का यह तरीका निर्दयतापूर्ण है ?” तो उसे बहुत हैरानी महसूस होती। निर्दयतापूर्ण ? तो उस लड़की ने ऐसा क्यों कहा कि उसके पास एक सौ पोशाकें थीं ?

Anybody could tell that that was a lie. Why did she want to lie? And she wasn’t just an ordinary person, else why did she have a name like that? Anyway, they never made her cry. As for Maddie, this business of asking Wanda every day how many dresses and how many hats, and how many this and that she had was bothering her. Maddie was poor herself. She usually wore somebody’s hand-me-down clothes. Thank goodness, she didn’t live up on Boggins Heights or have a funny name. Sometimes, when Peggy was asking Wanda those questions in that mocking (making fun of) polite voice, Maddie felt embarrassed (ashamed of) and studied the marbles in the palm of her hand, rolling them around and saying nothing herself. Not that she felt sorry for Wanda, exactly (correctly) . She would never have paid any attention to Wanda if Peggy hadn’t invented (discovered) the dresses game. But suppose Peggy and all the others started in on her next? She wasn’t as poor as Wanda, perhaps, but she was poor. Of course, she would have more sense than to say she had a hundred dresses. Still, she would not like for them to begin on her. She wished Peggy would stop teasing (bothering) Wanda Petronski.

कोई भी समझ सकता था कि यह एक झूठी बात थी। वह झूठ क्यों बोलना चाहती थी ? और वह साधारण व्यक्ति मात्र नहीं है, अन्यथा उसके जैसा उसका नाम क्यों है ? तो भी, वे उसे कभी रुलाती नहीं थीं। जहां तक मैडी का सम्बन्ध है, वैंडा से प्रतिदिन यह पूछने वाली बात कि उसके पास कितनी पोशाकें, कितने हैट और कितनी यह चीजें और कितनी वह चीजें थीं, उसे परेशान करने लगी थी। मैडी स्वयं भी गरीब थी। वह प्रायः किसी के द्वारा पुराने दिए हुए वस्त्र पहना करती थी। ईश्वर को धन्यवाद है कि वह बोगिन्ज़ हाइट्स पर नहीं रहती थी और उसका कोई हास्यजनक नाम नहीं था।
कई बार जब पैगी वैण्डा से वे प्रश्न पूछ रही होती, उस मजाक-भरे विनम्र लहजे में, तो मैडी को उलझन सी महसूस हुआ करती और अपने हाथ में पकड़ी हुई कांच की गोलियां गिनने लगती, उन्हें इधर-उधर घुमाते हुए तथा स्वयं कुछ भी न कहती। इसलिए नहीं कि वह सचमुच वैण्डा के लिए दुःखी हो रही होती। उसने वैण्डा की तरफ़ बिल्कुल कोई ध्यान नहीं देना था यदि पैगी ने वह पोशाकों वाला खेल न खोजा होता। किन्तु मान लो पैगी और दूसरी लड़कियां अगली बार उस पर घेरा डालने लगें, तो क्या किया जाए ? वह वैण्डा के जितनी ग़रीब नहीं थी, शायद, किन्तु फिर भी वह ग़रीब तो थी। निस्सन्देह उस में इतना कहने की बजाय ज्यादा बुद्धि होनी थी कि उसके पास एक सौ पोशाकें हैं। फिर भी वह नहीं चाहेगी कि वे उसी पर शुरू हो जाएं। वह चाहती थी कि पैगी वैण्डा पैत्रोन्सकी को परेशान करना बन्द कर दे।

Today, even though they had been late to school, Maddie was glad she had not had to make fun of Wanda. She worked her arithmetic problems Absent-mindedly (without thinking much) . “Eight times eight — let’s see…” She wished she had the nerve to write Peggy a note, because she knew she never would have the courage to speak right out to Peggy, to say, “Hey, Peg, let’s stop asking Wanda how many dresses she has.” When she finished her arithmetic, she did start a note to Peggy. Suddenly she paused (stopped) and shuddered (trembled) . She pictured herself in the school yard, a new target (person chosen for attack) for Peggy and the girls. Peggy might ask her where she got the dress that she had on, and Maddie would have to say it was one of Peggy’s old ones that Maddie’s mother had tried to disguise (conceal) with new trimmings (ornamentation of a dress) so no one in Room Thirteen would recognise it. If only Peggy would decide of her own accord (wish) to stop having fun with Wanda. Oh, well! Maddie ran her hand through her short blonde hair (golden hair) as though to push the uncomfortable thoughts away. What difference did it make? Slowly Maddie tore into bits the note she had started. She was Peggy’s best friend, and Peggy was the best-liked girl in the whole room. Peggy could not possibly do anything that was really wrong, she thought.

आज यद्यपि उन्हें स्कूल से देरी हो गई थी, मैडी को प्रसन्नता थी कि उसे वैण्डा का मजाक नहीं उड़ाना पड़ा था। उसने अपने गणित वाले प्रश्न अनमने ढंग से पूरे कर लिए। आठ गुणा आठ कितना होता है। वह उसकी इच्छा थी कि काश, उसमें इतना साहस होता कि वह पैगी को एक पर्ची लिख कर दे सकती, क्योंकि जानती थी कि उसमें कभी इतना साहस नहीं हो पायेगा कि वह पैगी से सीधी बात कर सके, और कह दे, "ए पैगी, चलो हम वैण्डा से यह पूछना बन्द कर दें कि उसके पास कितनी पोशाकें हैं।" जब वह अपना गणित का काम समाप्त कर चुकी, तो उसने पैगी के लिए एक पर्ची लिखनी शुरू कर ही दी। अचानक वह रुक गई और कांप उठी। वह अपने मन में कल्पना करने लगी कि वह स्कूल के आंगन में खड़ी है, पैगी तथा दूसरी लड़कियों के लिए एक नया निशाना बनी हुई। पैगी शायद उससे पूछ ले कि उसने वह पोशाक कहां से ली थी जो उसने पहनी हुई थी, और मैडी को कहना पड़ेगा कि यह पैगी की पुरानी पोशाकों में से एक थी जो मैडी की मां ने इस पर नई गोटा-पट्टी लगा कर छिपाने की कोशिश की थी ताकि तेरह नम्बर के कमरे में कोई भी इसे पहचान न पाए।
काश, पैगी अपनी इच्छा से ही वैण्डा का मज़ाक उड़ाना बन्द कर दे। चलो छोड़ो ! मैडी ने अपना हाथ अपने छोटे-छोटे सुनहरे बालों में फेरा, मानो उन बेचैन करने वाले विचारों को वहां से बाहर धकेलने के लिए। इससे क्या अन्तर पड़ना था ? धीरे-धीरे मैडी ने उस पर्ची को फाड़ कर छोटे-छोटे टुकड़े कर दिए जो उसने लिखनी शुरू की थी। वह पैगी की सबसे अच्छी सहेली थी और पैगी पूरी कक्षा में सब से ज्यादा पसन्द की जाने वाली लड़की थी। पैगी सम्भव रूप से ऐसा कुछ नहीं कर सकती थी जो कि गलत हो, उसने ऐसा सोचा।

As for Wanda, she was just some girl who lived up on Boggins Heights and stood alone in the school yard. She scarcely (hardly) ever said anything to anybody. The only time she talked was in the school yard about her hundred dresses. Maddie remembered her telling about one of her dresses, pale blue with coloured trimmings. And she remembered another that was brilliant (shining) jungle green with a red sash (scarf) . “You’d look like a Christmas tree in that,” the girls had said in pretended (false) admiration (praise) .

जहां तक वैण्डा का सम्बन्ध था, वह तो मात्र कोई लड़की थी जो बोगिन्ज़ हाइट्स पर रहती थी और स्कूल के आंगन में अकेली खड़ी रहती थी। वह मुश्किल से ही कभी कोई बात किसी से कहा करती थी। एकमात्र समय जब वह कोई बात करती थी, वह स्कूल के आंगन में होता था जब वह अपनी सौ पोशाकों वाली बात करती थी। मैडी को याद आ रहा था कि किस तरह उसने अपनी पोशाकों में से एक के बारे में बताया था, हल्के नीले रंग की पोशाक जिसके ऊपर विभिन्न रंगों की गोटा-पट्टी लगी हुई थी तथा उसे एक और पोशाक की याद आ रही थी जो चमकीले गहरे हरे रंग की थी जिसकी कमर के गिर्द एक पेटी बनी हुई थी। "इसमें तो तुम एक क्रिसमस ट्री के जैसी लगोगी," लड़कियों ने प्रशंसा करने का नाटक करते हुए कहा था।

Thinking about Wanda and her hundred dresses all lined up in the closet, Maddie began to wonder who was going to win the drawing and colouring contest. For girls, this contest consisted of designing dresses and for boys, of designing motorboats.
Probably (perhaps) Peggy would win the girls’ medal. Peggy drew better than anyone else in the room. At least, that’s what everybody thought. She could copy a picture in a magazine or some film star’s head so that you could almost tell who it was. Oh, Maddie was sure Peggy would win. Well, tomorrow the teacher was going to announce (declare) the winners. Then they’d know. The next day it was drizzling (light rain) .
Maddie and Peggy hurried to school under Peggy’s umbrella. Naturally, on a day like this, they didn’t wait for Wanda Petronski on the corner of Oliver Street, the street that far, far away, under the railroad tracks and up the hill, led to Boggins Heights. Anyway, they weren’t taking chances on being late today, because today was important. “Do you think Miss Mason will announce the winners today?” asked Peggy. “Oh, I hope so, the minute we get in,” said Maddie. “Of course, you’ll win, Peg.” “Hope so,” said Peggy eagerly (with eagerness) . The minute they entered the classroom, they stopped short and gasped (breathed with open mouth).


There were drawings all over the room, on every ledge (outer part) and windowsill (lower portion of a window) , dazzling (shining) colours and brilliant, lavish (grand) designs, all drawn on great sheets of wrapping (outer cover of something wrapped) paper. There must have been a hundred of them, all lined up. These must be the drawings for the contest (competition) . They were! Everybody stopped and whistled or murmured (muttered) admiringly (in a praising manner) . As soon as the class had assembled (gathered exhibition on show) , Miss Mason announced the winners. Jack Beggles had won for the boys, she said, and his design for an outboard motor was on exhibition in Room Twelve, along with the sketches (drawings) by all the other boys.

वैण्डा और उसकी अल्मारी में सजी हुई सौ-सौ पोशाकों के बारे में सोचते हुए मैडी इस बारे में गहराई से सोचने लगी कि ड्राइंग और कलरिंग की प्रतियोगिता में कौन जीतने वाला था। लड़कियों के लिए इस प्रतियोगिता में पोशाकों के चित्र बनाना था और लड़कों के लिए मोटर-नावों के चित्र। संभवतया पैगी लड़कियों वाला मैडल जीत जाएगी। पैगी कक्षा में किसी भी अन्य की अपेक्षा अधिक बढ़िया चित्र बनाती थी। कम-से-कम यही बात हर कोई सोचता था। वह किसी पत्रिका में दिए चित्र को देख कर उसके जैसा बना सकती थी अथवा किसी फिल्मी सितारे के सिर का चित्र बना सकती थी जिसे आप लगभग ऐसा बता सकते थे कि यह कौन हो सकता था। ओह, मैडी को निश्चय था कि पैगी जीतेगी। हां, अध्यापिका अगले दिन विजेताओं के नाम सुनाने जा रही थी। तब उन्हें पता चल जाएगा।
अगले दिन बूंदाबांदी हो रही थी। पैगी का छाता ऊपर लिए हुए मैडी और पैगी जल्दी-जल्दी स्कूल में आईं। स्वाभाविक रूप से, इस तरह के दिन उन्होंने ओलिवर स्ट्रीट के कोने पर खड़े होकर वैण्डा पैत्रोन्सकी की प्रतीक्षा न की। उसके बाद की गली, दूरी पर, रेल लाइन के नीचे से होती हुई और पहाड़ी के ऊपर को होती हुई बौगिन्ज़ हाइट्स की तरफ़ जाती थी। कुछ भी हो, आज किसी भी तरह से देरी करने का वह कोई ख़तरा नहीं ले रही थीं, क्योंकि आज का दिन महत्त्वपूर्ण था।
'क्या तुम सोचती हो मिस मेसन आज विजेताओं के नाम घोषित कर देगी ?" पैगी ने पूछा। "हां, मुझे ऐसी आशा है, ज्यों ही हम वहां प्रवेश करेंगी," मैडी ने कहा। "निस्सन्देह तुम ही जीतोगी, पैग।" " "ऐसी आशा करती हूं," पैगी ने उत्सुकतापूर्वक कहा।
जिस पल उन्होंने कक्षा में प्रवेश किया, वे अचानक रुक गईं और हाँफने लगीं। वहां पूरे कमरे में चित्र भरे पड़े थे, दीवार से बाहर को निकले शैल्फ के ऊपर और खिड़की वाले शैल्फ के ऊपर भी, चुंधिया देने वाले रंगों में और चमकते हुए, बहुत प्रभावशाली नमूनों वाले, सभी बड़े-बड़े लपेटने वाले कागज़ों के ऊपर बने हुए थे । वे लगभग एक सौ रहे होंगे, सभी एक कतार में रखे हुए। अवश्य ही वे मुकाबले के लिए रखे हुए चित्र होंगे। यह सत्य था! हर कोई वहीं रुक गया और सीटियां बजाने लगा अथवा प्रशंसापूर्वक धीमी आवाज़ों में फुसफुसाने लगा। ज्योंही कक्षा में बच्चे एकत्रित हुए, मिस मेसन ने विजेताओं की घोषणा कर दी। लड़कों में से जैक बैगल्ज़ विजयी रहा था, उसने कहा, और उसका किश्ती के बाहर की तरफ़ लगी हुई मोटर वाला डिज़ाइन बारह नम्बर के कमरे में नुमाइश के लिए पड़ा हुआ है लड़कों के बनाए सभी चित्रों सहित।

“As for the girls,” she said, “although just one or two sketches were submitted by most, one girl — and Room Thirteen should be proud of her — this one girl actually drew one hundred designs — all different and all beautiful. In the opinion of the judges, any one of the drawings is worthy of winning the prize. I am very happy to say that Wanda Petronski is the winner of the girls’ medal. unfortunately (unluckily) , Wanda has been absent from school for some days and is not here to receive the applause (praise) that is due to her. Let us hope she will be back tomorrow. Now class, you may file around the room quietly and look at her exquisite (beautiful) drawings.”

"जहां तक लड़कियों की बात है," उसने कहा, और कमरा नम्बर "यद्यपि अधिकतर लड़कियों के द्वारा एक या दो चित्र ही जमा किए गए थे, एक लड़की ने तेरह को इसके लिए गर्व महसूस करना चाहिए एक लड़की ने वास्तव में ही एक सौ चित्र बनाए इस सभी एक-दूसरे से भिन्न और सुन्दर। जजों के मत से, उन चित्रों में से कोई-सा भी इनाम जीतने का पात्र है। मुझे यह कहते हुए बहुत प्रसन्नता हो रही है कि वैण्डा पैत्रोन्सकी लड़कियों वाले मैडल की विजेता है। दुर्भाग्यवश, वैण्डा कुछ दिनों से स्कूल से अनुपस्थित है तथा उस वाह-वाह को प्राप्त करने के लिए यहां नहीं है, जो उसे मिलनी चाहिए। हम आशा करते हैं कि वह कल वापस आ जाएगी। अब इस कक्षा के विद्यार्थियो, आप चुपचाप पंक्ति बनाकर उस कमरे का चक्कर लगाएं और उसके शानदार चित्रों को देखें।"

The children burst into applause, and even the boys were glad to have a chance to stamp (strike floor with feet) on the floor, put their fingers in their mouths and whistle, though they were not interested in dresses. “Look, Peg,” whispered (spoke in a low voice) Maddie. “There’s that blue one she told us about. Isn’t it beautiful?” “Yes,” said Peggy, “And here’s that green one. Boy, and I thought I could draw.”

बच्चे एकदम वाह-वाह करने लगे, तथा लड़कों तक को फर्श के ऊपर अपने पैर टपटपाने, अपनी अंगुलियों को अपने मुंह में डाल कर सीटियां बजाने का मौका मिलने पर प्रसन्नता महसूस हुई, यद्यपि पोशाकों में उनकी कोई रुचि नहीं थी। "देखो, पेग," मैडी ने धीमे स्वर में फुसफुसाते हुए कहा। "वह रही नीली वाली पोशाक जिसके बारे में उसने हमें बताया था। क्या वह सुन्दर नहीं है ? " "हां, है, " पैगी ने कहा। "और यह रही वह हरी वाली पोशाक। उँह, और मैं समझती थी कि मुझे चित्र बनाने आते है। "


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Q:1 In what way was Wanda different from the other children?
Set C 2019, Set D 2020
Ans. Wanda was different from the other children because her name was long and strange. Other children had names easy to say. Secondly, she always wore a faded blue dress. It didn't hang right. She didn't have any friends.

Q:2 How is Wanda seen as different by the other girls? How do they treat her?
Set B 2019, Set C 2020
Ans. The other girls see Wanda as different because of her origin and dress. She is Polish by origin. Her name is long and strange. She always wears the same faded blue dress. Her feet are usually caked with dry mud. The other girls often make fun of her and mock her.

Q:3 Where in the classroom does Wanda sit and why?
SET A 2018
Ans. Wanda sits in the next to the last seat in the last row in Room Thirteen. She sits in the corner of the room. There is noise by the scuffling of feet and roar of laughter. Wanda is not rough and noisy. But she sits there as she does not mix with other students. Her feet were caked with dirt and mud. Besides, she was a girl of Polish origin who was not accepted by her American classmates.

Q:4 Where did Wanda Petronski live?
SET A 2017
Ans. She lived in a place known as Boggins Heights. It was a wet and marshy place.

Q:5 Where does Wanda live? What kind of a place do you think it is?
Ans. Wanda lives at Boggins Heights. It is not a clean place. It is muddy. That is why, Wanda's feet are usually caked with mud on her way to school daily.

Q:6 When and why do Peggy and Maddie notice Wanda's absence?
Ans. Peggy and Maddie notice Wanda's absence on Wednesday. It was because Wanda had made them late to school as they waited for her to mock. They used to make fun of her for her muddy shoes.

Q:7 What do you think "to have fun with her means?
Ans. "To have fun with her” means to laugh at her or to make a fool of her.

Q:8 Did Wanda have a hundred dresses? Why do you think she said she did?
Ans. No, Wanda did not have a hundred dresses. She said this because she was making a hundred drawings of different kinds of dresses for the contest.

Q:9 Why is Maddie embarrassed by the questions Peggy asks Wanda? Is she also like Wanda or is she different?
Ans. Maddie is embarrassed by the questions Peggy asks Wanda because she also was poor. She is like Wanda in temperament though she is an American.

Q:10 Why didn't Maddie ask Peggy to stop teasing Wanda? What was she afraid of?
Ans: Maddie didn't ask Peggy to stop teasing Wanda because she didn't have the courage to say so. Secondly, she was afraid of losing her friendship with Peggy. Moreover, she shuddered to think what would happen if Peggy started making fun of Maddie instead of Wanda.

Q:11 Who did Maddie think would win the drawing contest? Why?
Ans. Maddie thought that Peggy would win the girls’ medal as she drew better than anyone else in the room.

Q:12 Who won the drawing contest? What had the winner drawn? Ans. Wanda won the drawing contest. She had drawn the designs of one hundred dresses. These were all different and all beautiful.

Q:13 How does Wanda feel about the dresses game? Why does she say that she has a hundred dresses? Ans. Wanda feels bad about the dresses game. She tells them that she has a hundred dresses at home. In fact, she doesn't have these dresses. She says so because she is making a hundred drawings of dresses.

Q:14 Why does Maddie stand by and not do anything? How is she different from Peggy? (Was Peggy’s friendship important to Maddie? Why? Ans: Peggy is the most popular girl in the class. Maddie has no courage to offend her. Moreover, she values her friendship with Peggy. She thinks that Peggy could do no wrong to anyone.

Q:15 What does Miss Mason think of Wanda’s drawings? What do the children think of them? How do you know? Ans: Miss Mason calls Wanda’s drawings exquisite. She thinks that the whole class could be proud of Wanda’s drawings. The children feel very happy. They put their fingers in their mouths and start whistling.

Q: Give a brief character-sketch of Wanda Petronski.
What do you learn about Wanda Petronski from the story “The Hundred Dresses”?

Watch our video on CS of Wanda on YouTube:

A: An Immigrant: Wanda is a Polish girl who lives in an ill-equipped Boggins Heights locality where poor people live. The land was muddy there. Her shoes are always mud laden. She studies in a school with American students. They make fun of her as she always wears the same blue faded ill-fitting dress, and her name was weird for them.
Quiet Girl: Wanda is well behaved girl. She rarely says anything. No one ever have heard her laugh out loud. She sometimes makes crooked sort of smile only. She sits in the corner back seat in the class. She is reserved in nature. Even remains calm when they tease her on her unusual name and poverty.
Lonely: Wanda has no friends. Other girls made fun of her because of poverty and strange name. They mock at her. But she repays in much better way. That at last they all regret. She wins drawing contest and makes all of them small. She returns good for evil.
Creative: She can create beautiful dress designs. She is endowed with a rich imagination. She uses her skill in creating hundred brilliant, lavish designs with dazzling colours. She proves herself to be richest and most creative in the class.

Q: Write character sketch of Peggy.

Watch our video on CS of Peggy on YouTube:

Most Popular: Peggy is American girl. She is pretty girl with curly hair. She belongs to a rich family. She wears pretty clothes. She does well in studies also. She is front bencher.
Thoughtless: Peggy makes fun of Wanda because of her faded dress. She mocks her by asking how many dresses? She takes Wanda to be a dull headed girl. She never realizes how bad Wanda must be feeling.
Tender Heart: She could not tolerate small children being bullied. She always protected them from bullies. She loves animals. She would cry if she sees an animal being maltreated. However, in case of Wanda, she does not feel that she was teasing an innocent girl. She justifies her behaviour with Wanda.
Talented and Lovable: Peggy is favourite choice of entire class for winning the drawing contest. She draws better than others in room thirteen. She can copy picture in a magazine. She ridicules Wanda but actually she does not intend to hurt her. She instantly admires Wanda’s creativity when she sees her hundred dresses, and acknowledges that Wanda draws much better than her. She is regretful on her behaviour with Wanda lastly.

Q: Write character sketch of Maddie.

Watch our video on CS of Maddie on YouTube:

Heart of Gold: Maddie is little American girl with human emotions of pity and consideration. She joins Peggy in teasing Wanda. But she begins to curse her. She wants Peggy should stop teasing Wanda.
Good at Studies: Like Peggy, she also is front bencher in class. She is good at studies. She feels that Wanda is doing wrong by telling a lie that she has hundred dresses. If she ever finds herself in such a situation, she will have more sense.
Belongs to a poor family: She Usually wears others’ “hand-me-down clothes”. Those are modified by her mother to give them a new look. She has short blonde hair.
Afraid of Peggy: She fears that she could be the next victim of Peggy. She feels restless when Wanda leaves school. She cannot forgive herself. She cannot even sleep at night. She is not courageous girl. She does not dare to tell Peggy not to make fun of Wanda. She makes a decision that she will continue with friendship with Peggy but she won’t be a mute spectator in her misdeeds. She will no longer be silent. She would speak up. She feels guilty that she could not do anything to stop Peggy in teasing Wanda. She is remorseful.

Multiple Choice Questions

Watch our video on MCQs (TERM I exam style) on YouTube

make mcqs enter data Q1. Who is the author of 'The Hundred Dresses'?
A) Liam O' Flaherty
B) Frederick Forsyth
C) Roal Dahl
D) El Bsor Ester
Q2. Who was Wanda?
(A) a Polish girl
(B) a French girl
(C) an English girl
(D) an American girl
Q3. What was Wanda’s full name?
A) Wanda Polenski
B) Wanda Petronski
C) Wanda Patrick
D) Wanda Polish
Q4. Who was the most popular girl of the school?
(A) Wanda
(B) Peggy
(C) Maddie
(D) none of the above
Q5. Who was Peggy's closest friend?
(A) Wanda
(B) Maddie
(C) both (A) and (B)
(D) Miss Mason
Q6. What was Maddie’s full name?
(A) Madgeline
(B) Madeline
(C) Maddeline
(D) Madger
Q7. Who were the two best friends?
(A) Peggy Maddie
(B) Wanda Peggy
(C) Maddie Wanda
(D) Willie Wanda
Q8. What tells you that Peggy wasn’t cruel?
(A) protected small children from bullies
(B) couldn’t stand animals getting mistreated
(C) did not make Wanda cry
(D) all of the above
Q9. Wanda's class used to sit in Room No.:
(A) ten
(B) eleven
(C) twelve
(D) thirteen
Q10. Where in the classroom does Wanda sit?
A) end corner
B) middle
C) front
D) rotational
Q11. Why did Wanda used to sit there?
A) she didn’t score very good marks
B) her feet were filled with dirt and mud
C) her friends sat there
D) no one really knows
Q12. Where did Wanda Petronski live?
(A) Poland
(B) Boston
(C) London
(D) Boggins Heights
Q13. On which particular day was Wanda's absence noticed?
(A) Sunday
(B) Tuesday
(C) Monday
(D) Wednesday
Q14. Why did 'they' wait for Wanda?
(A) they were friends
(B) to make fun of her
(C) they cared about her
(D) they missed her
Q15. How did the other girls treat Wanda?
(A) they made fun of her
(B) they sympathised with her
(C) they helped her in her studies
(D) all of the above
Q16. Where did they used to wait for Wanda?
A) Bakers' street
B) Boggins Heights
C) Boggins street
D) Oliver Street
Q17. How would you describe Wanda’s dress?
A) faded blue
B) not ironed properly
C) clean
D) all of the above
Q18. How many shoes did Wanda say she had?
A) 50
B) 100
C) 10
D) 60
Q19. What did the drawing and colouring contest mean for the girls and boys?
A) designing dresses and motorboats
B) designing interiors and bikes
C) designing dresses and bikes
D) designing interiors and motorboats
Q20. What was the contest for the boys?
(A) dress designs
(B) motorbikes
(C) motorboats
(D) all of the above
Q21. Who was the first winner among the boys?
(A) Thomas
(B) Jack Beggles
(C) Bounce
(D) Smith
Q22. What was the contest for the girls?
(A) dress designs
(B) motorboats design
(C) both (A) and (B) Ans.
(D) none of the above
Q23. Who did Maddie think would win the contest?
A) Wanda
B) Maddie
C) Peggy
D) None of the above
Q24. Who was the first winner among the girls?
(A) Peggy
(B) Maddie
(C) Wanda
(D) none of the above
Q25. How many drawings did Wanda draw?
A) 100
B) 10
C) 50
D) 150
Q26. How many dresses did Wanda say were lined up in her closet?
A) 100
B) 40
C) 50
D) 60
Q27. Why was Peggy’s game bothering Maddie?
A) she cared about Wanda
B) Peggy was harsh on Wanda
C) she feared she’d be next to get teased
D) all of the above
Q28. Why was Maddie glad even when she was late for school?
A) she didn’t want to attend the class
B) they could not make fun of Wanda
C) she liked going late
D) both 1 and 3
Q29. Who decides to write a note to Peggy?
(A) Maddie
(B) Wanda
(C) Smith
(D) none of the above
Q30. Why did Maddie not write to Peggy in the first place?
A) She was afraid she’d be next to get teased
B) She thought Peggy was right in teasing Wanda
C) She did not really care
D) She realised Wanda deserved it
Q31. What reason did Maddie give herself to justify teasing Wanda?
A) Wanda used to lie about her dresses
B) Wanda deserved it
C) Peggy was the best liked girl and couldn’t do anything wrong
D) both 1 and 2
Q32. Who was Wanda's friend in the school?
(A) Peggy
(B) Maddie
(C) both (A) and (B)
(D) she had no friend in the school
Q33. Who did Peggy protect small children from?
(A) bullies
(B) clever
(C) foolish
(D) teacher
Q34. Why did Peggy say 'and I thought I could draw'?
A) she’d won the medal always
B) Wanda’s drawings were amazing
C) she thought Wanda could draw better
D) All of the above
Q35. Miss Mason said 'look at her exquisite drawings'. What is the meaning of 'Exquisite'?
A) luxurious
B) neatly made
C) superior
D) extremely beautiful and well-made
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