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Here we are, with what you wanted. As CBSE has released syllabus for 2023-24 all subjects, all classes from 9th to 12. In this page going one step ahead, we are giving syllabus of Class 12 English. As we have divided the syllabus into month wise logical units so that it is easy for you to chalk out a plan for session 2023-24 of how to go further. In every month topics we have included one lesson from both text books, one topic of writing skill section and also of reading skill section. Total 80 marks question paper will be set by CBSE from these topics.


Month wise Distribution of Syllabus:


Name of Book


Links of lessons

April Flamingo The Last Lesson Click here
Poetry My Mother at Sixty-six Click here
Reading Skills Unseen passage: factual, descriptive or literary Click here
Writing Skills Notice Click here
Vistas The Third Level Click here
May Flamingo Lost Spring - I & II Click here
Reading Skills Unseen case-based passage Click here
Writing Skills Formal/Informal Invitation
Vistas The Tiger King Click here
PROJECT Project Work ideas/issues highlighted in the chapters/ Migration Lost Spring Corona pandemic and the fallout on families.
June Summer Vacation Holiday Home work
July Flamingo Deep Water Click here
Poetry Keeping Quiet Click here
Writing Skills Reply to Formal/Informal Invitation
Vistas Journey to the End of the Earth Click here
Project Planning and Research for the Project Work Preferably till November-December
August Flamingo The Rattrap Click here
Poetry A Thing of Beauty Click here
Writing Skills Letters: application for a job with bio data Click here
Vistas The Enemy Click here
Listening Activity
September Flamingo Indigo Click here
Poetry A Road Side Stand Click here
Writing Skills Letter: Letters to the editor Click here
Speaking Activity
Project Planning and Research for the Project Work Preferably till November-December
October Flamingo Poets and Pancakes Click here
Poetry Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers Click here
Writing Skills Article Writing: descriptive and analytical Click here
Vistas On the Face of It Click here
November Flamingo The Interview (part I&II) Click here
Writing Skills Report Writing: descriptive and analytical Click here
Project Suggestions and improvements, Gaps in Project if any by team leader
December Flamingo Going Places Click here
Reading Skills Unseen passage for Comprehension Click here
Vistas Memories of Childhood
Story 1: The Cutting of My Long Hair
Story 2: We too are Human Beings
January Project Evaluation Students are assessed on their group/pair/individual presentations on allotted days.
Revision Revision of all 5 Poems
February Project/Viva Viva Final Viva is conducted by the External/Internal examiner.
Revision Revision of Literature & Writing Section
March Exam
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Ask for links of Assessment Tests through Google Forms of all these lessons, ready with us.

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