12th English: Literature + Grammar/Writing Skills Practice Questions (SOLVED) for HBSE 2022 Annual Exams

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English Syllabus Topics Haryana Board Final Exams 2022 Class 12 English

Section-B Grammar/Writing Skills 10+14=24 marks

Grammar first: 10 marks

NARRATION: 2 marks

2. Attempt any two from each sub-part:

  1. Change the form of narration:
    1. He said to me, “Where is the station?”
    2. He says, “I am working hard.”
    3. She said, “Alas! I have lost everything.”
    4. He said, “I like the book.”
    5. She said to me, “Where do you live?”
    6. He said to me, “Why did you strike me?”
    7. The teacher said, “The sun rises in the east.”
    8. I said, “I have finished my work.”
    9. The girl said, “I shall do it.”
Check your answer:
  1. He asked me where the station was.
  2. He says that he is working hard.
  3. She exclaimed with sorrow that she had lost everything.
  4. He said that he liked the book.
  5. She asked me where I lived.
  6. He asked me why I had struck him.
  7. The teacher said that the sun rises in the east.
  8. I said that I had finished my work.
  9. The girl said that she would do it.

ARTICLES: 2 marks

  1. Supply articles wherever necessary: 1x2=2
    1. Keep to .................. left.
    2. Life is not ................. bed of roses.
    3. Ram is ................. taller of the two.
    4. She is ................ M.A.
    5. Ink is ................. useful article.
    6. He is .................. one-eyed man.
    7. Italy is ................. European country.
    8. I am going to ................. bed.
    9. I read .................. Gita every day.
    10. The box was made of ................ wood.
Check your answer:
  1. Keep to the_ left.
  2. Life is not a_ bed of roses.
  3. Ram is _ taller of the two.
  4. She is an_MA.
  5. Ink is a_useful article.
  6. He is a_ one eyed man.
  7. Italy is a _ a European country.
  8. I am going to the_ bed.
  9. I read the _ Geeta Everybody.
  10. The box was made of wood.

MODALS: 2 marks

  1. Fill in the blanks with suitable modal auxiliary verbs given in the brackets: 1x2=2
    1. We .................... obey the rules of the road. (should/must/could)
    2. I ...................... speak English fluently. (may/might/can)
    3. He walked fast lest he .................. miss the train. (must/should/would)
    4. ................. that I were a king! (May/Could/Would)
    5. .................. God bless you! (May/Could/Would)
    6. We ..............help the poor. (could/would/should)
    7. I ................. solve this sum. (could/can/may)
    8. If you work hard, you .............. pass. (could/would/will)
    9. I ................. rather starve than steal. (would/could/should)
    10. ............... you open the door, please? (shall/will/can)
Check your answer:
  1. Should
  2. Can
  3. Should
  4. Would
  5. May
  6. Should
  7. Can
  8. Will
  9. Would
  10. Will

VOICE: 2 marks

  1. Change the voice: 1x2=2
    1. The students have finished their assignment.
    2. Complete the work by noon.
    3. Type this letter at once.
    4. Who has stolen my umbrella?
    5. When did you buy it?
    6. Rama killed Ravana.
    7. They are building a house.
    8. She respects me.
    9. I know Hary.
    10. Don’t disturb her.
Check your answer:
  1. Assignments have been finished by the students.
  2. You are ordered/ advised to complete the work by noon.
  3. You are ordered to type this letter at once.
  4. By whom has my umbrella been stolen.
  5. When was it bought by you.
  6. Ravna was killed by Rama.
  7. A house is being built by them.
  8. I am respected by her.
  9. Hary is known to me.
  10. You are requested/ordered not to disturb her.

TENSE: 2 marks

  1. Use the correct form of the verb given in brackets: 1x2=2
    1. He ............. (be) a teacher since 1999.
    2. Last Sunday, I .............. (stay) at home.
    3. She always .............. (find) faults with others.
    4. The sun ............... (rise) in the east.
    5. When I .................. (reach) his house, he ................. (have) his breakfast.
    6. Run fast! The train ................. (whistle).
    7. The sun ................. (shine) when we went out.
    8. Ramesh never ................ (tell) a lie.
    9. The train .................. (leave) before I reached the station.
    10. Mohan ............... (cry) since morning.
Check your answer:
  1. Has been
  2. stayed
  3. finds
  4. rises
  5. reached, had had
  6. is whistling
  7. was shining
  8. tells
  9. had left
  10. has been crying

Writing Skills Section: 14 marks


3. Attempt any one advertisement of the following:

(i) You are Mohit/Mohini of 13/134, B Block, Highrise Apartments, Kochi. You wish to sell your flat as you are moving to Delhi. Draft an advertisement for the same providing all the necessary details. 3 marks

A beautiful and newly- constructed flat in the Highrise Apartments, Kochi is available for sale, as detailed below:

A three- room flat with marble flooring and attached bathrooms- a spacious kitchen, a sitting room and a lobby. The balcony overlooks a beautiful public park. Stairs leading to the first floor are quite separate, not connected with any other set. Need arised for sale as seller is going to shift from Kochi to Delhi.

For further details, please contact:
Mohit/ Mohini
13/ 134, B Block, Highrise Apartments, Kochi.

(ii) You are Suresh/Surekha, River Dale, Panaji, Goa. You wish to rent out the ground floor of your house. Draft an advertisement for the same providing all the necessary details. 3 marks

A two-room set on ground floor is available for rent at a reasonable rent of 8000/_ at River Dale, Panji, Goa. The set is having spacious kitchen, front open veranda and two bathrooms. Also having space for keeping two-wheeler inside it. Interested parties can contact to:

Suresh/ Surekha
River Dale, Panji

(iii) You have been transferred to Chennai and want to sell your white Maruti Alto car. Draft an advertisement for publication in a newspaper under ‘sale/purchase’ columns. 3 marks

A 2010 model white Maruti Alto, done 7000 kms., accident free, fully insured and in a very good running condition is offered for sale. The owner has been transferred to Chennai and must sell the car in a couple of days. Interested parties with reasonable offer may please contact:

ABC, Dhola Kua, Delhi.
Mobile no. 8888000234.

(iv) You are working for an advertising agency. Draft an attractive advertisement for a company which is launching a new toothpaste. Imagine the details. 3 marks

Launching new toothpaste advertisement.

For Strong Gums and Shining Teeth
Try the New
And decide for yourself
It'll give your mouth a pleasant feeling the whole day.
Available in three Different Sizes:
Mini pack Rs. 12/
Medium Pack Rs. 23/
Family Pack Rs. 35/
(v) You want an experienced Maths tutor who can teach your younger brother who is in 8th class. Draft a suitable advertisement for the same. 3 marks

Wanted a trained, fully experienced maths teacher, at least BA, B. Ed for tutoring my younger brother at home. Tuition fee, no bar, needs maths teacher to handle my brother who studies in 8th class.

House no.55
Sector 14 Delhi.

NOTICE: 3 marks

4. Attempt any one notice of the following: 3 marks

(i) You are Alka /Alok of class xii. You have lost your wristwatch in your school (ABC Sr. Sec. School Hisar). Draft a notice about it for your school notice board. 3 marks

Lost watch notice.

8 Jan, 2021

While playing in the school campus during the recess period, I dropped my wristwatch somewhere. Besides being valuable, it has emotional value for me. The finder is requested to return it to me or deposit it with the school office. A good cash reward is promised.

Ashok/ Alka
Class 12th
ABC Senior Secondary school, Hisarv

(ii) You have found a purse in the school campus. Put up a notice about it on the ‘Lost and Found’ board. 3 marks

Purse found notice

18 Jan, 2021

While playing in the school campus during the recess period, I found a purse lying there. It contains some money and important papers. The purse has been deposited with the school office. The owner can collect it from the office after giving its exact description.

Roll no.14
Class: 12th A

(iii) You are the President of the Arts Club of your school. You are going to organize an ‘On the spot’ painting competition on the lawns of the school. Draft a notice for the event. 3 marks


18 feb, 2021

Our school is going to organise an on- spot painting competition on 15/01/2021. Prizes will be given to the position holders. So those who want to participate can give their names to the undersigned till 11/01/2021.

Art Club
ABC SENIOR Secondary school, Hisar

(iv) You are the class Representative of class 12. Write a notice for circulation among the students of your class regarding a picnic trip to Sukhna Lake, Chandigarh. 3 marks


Date: Jan 04, 2021

It is to bring to your notice that class 12th of our school is going to organise a picnic trip to Sukhna Lake, Chandigarh on next Sunday. It will be an educational as well as an exploration trip. Those students who are interested in this must give their names to the undersigned till 11 Jan, 2021. Each partaker will have to contribute Rs. 300/_ as expenses for conveyance, food and snacks. Further, you are also requested to bring your homemade food from your respective homes.

Representative from
Class 12th

(v) You are Manav Garg, NSS captain of Shiv Shakti Public School Hisar. Draft a notice for your school notice board inviting volunteers to attend the 10 days special NSS camp.


24 Jan 2021

Our school is going to organise a 10 days NSS camp for making students aware about our Army ,its working and also for awakening or rekindling a spirit of nation love. Those who want to volunteer in it can give their names to the undersigned till 12 Jan 2021.

Manav Garg
NSS Captain
Shiv Shakti Public school, Hisar


Write any one report of the following: 3 marks

(i) Blood Donation Camp


Date: Feb 20, 2020

Reported by: Manisha

A 'Blood Donation Camp' was organised in the school hall on the occasion of the School's Annual Day. Three doctors and six nurses of the local Civil Hospital offered their services for it. A large number of teachers and students donated blood with beaming faces and proud hearts. Some of the guests and visitors were also motivated to donate blood. Two hundred and seventy bottles of blood were collected. All the collected blood was sent to the Army Hospital to help and save the precious lives of our brave soldiers.

(ii) You are Rajan/Ranjana, a member of Residents’ Welfare Association. You have organised a campaign on ‘Say No to Polythene Bags’ in your locality. Write a report for publication in a local magazine. 3 marks

A Campaign Against Polythene Bags
A Report

Date: Feb 20, 2020

Polythene bags are not only dangerous for us but also for our environment. Main reason behind this is that they don't decompose because they are non- biodegradable. Thus, they generally choke the sewers, harmful for fertility of soil, and dangerous for animals as they can swallow them. As responsible citizens, it is a duty of all of us to make public aware about it and find a middle solution to remove this problem and clean the city. So 'The Residents Welfare Association' of our area has organised a campaign against the use of polythene bags. Our slogan was: Say No to Polythene Bags.'

Reported By:
Rajan/ Ranjana
Member of Residents Welfare Association

(iii) The New Science Block of your school has been inaugurated recently by the Deputy Commissioner of your city. As the Editor of the School Magazine, write a report of the function. 3 marks


8 JAN, 2021

The New Science Block of our school was inaugurated by the Deputy Commissioner of our school on 1 Jan 2021. On this occasion, a talk on science and it practical usages in daily lives was organised. The main ideas were given by our Deputy Commissioner. His talk was very interesting and informative. He told the students about all the three streams of science and about how knowledge of all the three can change the lives of students. The New Science Block will surely be going to help students in achieving their aims in life.

Reported by:
School Magazine

(iv) You represented your school in the Inter-School Quiz Contest. You have been asked to read out a report about the event in the school assembly. Write the report in your own words. 3 marks

Reported by:

8 Jan, 2021

I am glad to report that our team has won the running trophy in the Inter- school Quiz Contest. There were three rounds of questions. The first round included questions on sports, the second on music and the third on general knowledge. There were two other teams in the contest; one from ABC school and the other from XYZ school. In the first round, the ABCs were leading. But in the final round, our school student, Kavita, showed re‐markable presence of mind and we won the contest. The team trophy was awarded to us by our worthy Principal.

(v) Write a report on the ‘Environment Protection Week’ organised by your school recently. You are Ajay / Anju of ABC School, Hisar.


8 Jan, 2021

Our school celebrated the 'Environment Protection Week' from the fifteenth to twentieth of dec.2020. The purpose of this was to create an awareness among the people about the value of keeping their Environment neat and clean. On the first day of the week, students marched through the main streets of the city. They had in their hands, banners and placards with attractive slogans. People on the way felt very amused and inspired. On other days students divided themselves in groups and went round the city removing garbage and dirt wherever they saw any. A number of people also joined the students in this cleaning campaign. This act of social service filled the students with a deep sense of joy and pride.

Reported by:
Ajay/ Anju
ABC school, Hisar

PARAGRAPH: 5 marks

Write any one paragraph of the following: 5 marks

(i) Road Safety 5 marks

Today in India our roads have become much overloaded by vehicles. While being on the road, road safety is very necessary. Today road accidents are the leading cause of deaths in India. In our country thousands of people lose their lives in road accidents every year. If road users are well aware of road safety rules, the number of deaths in road accidents can be reduced. Everyone should learn the traffic and safety rules at a very early age to perform safe behaviours in the later life. Everyone going on the road, especially drivers, must be to the left and let other vehicles pass on the opposition direction to the right. Drivers should be in slow speed while villages people pa over-taking or turning on the roads. People should take extra precaution while going on the over-crowded of cattle died. Wat roads. Bikers or people using two-wheel vehicles must wear helmets of superior quality. Speed of the vehicles should be within the speed limits and slow especially in the areas of school, hospital, colony etc. Every vehicle on the road should maintain the right distance among them to avoid accidents. Everyone who use road should be well aware of the road signs and must follow traffic rules. Everyone must keep in mind all the road safety rules and regulations.

(ii) Need to Ban Polybags 5 marks

Polythene bags are the major source of environment pollution. They are bio nondegradable. It means that these don't degenerate into biological waste like plants, clothes, paper etc. When we purchase home things from the market, shopkeeper gives us things in a polythene. It has become very common. It is a source to bring the things comfortably to home but when it is of no use. We throw it without caring the problems which it will bring in future. When it is burnt many poisonous gases are released. These polyethene block the drains sewerage. People should be made aware of the drawbacks of uses of polythene. We should request shopkeepers to use paper bags instead of polythene bags. Government should organise campaigns on this issue to make the public conscious. Lastly strict actions should be taken in order to put ban on the polythene bags.

(iii) How I Spent My Time During Lockdown 5 marks

It was around the beginning of March with outbreak of pandemic, people suddenly found something they had been complaining always on not having enough – “Time”. Suddenly, there was too much time, for all of us, especially students! A lot of creative content had come about during the lockdown- renovating homes, indoor photography, choreography, dance routines, songs you name it. But that is not how I spent my time. I had spent my first month in a lot of research into the newly named “Covid-19”, enough to know that the name of the virus was actually SARS-CoV-2 and not corona virus. “Things would go back to normal.” However, I realised that this is our new reality – This is the new normal. First, I began with restarting my exercise routine – which consisted of a few push – ups, squats, curls, planks, sit- ups. Playing badminton is a fun exercise that my sister and I started to partake in. Next, I started work on a project that has long been a dream of mine- to speak, learn Japanese. What I found was that I am quite old and finding it hard to learn a new language as I am still stuck on the basics. Next, my online classes started and boy it could not have come at a better time! I was beginning to forget the basics but with the sudden injection of projects, assignments, review classes and discussions, I found my days filled up again with research and actual study which I, strangely enough, had missed a lot. It was also during this time that my contact(online) with teachers and classmates had been re-ignited. With all these tests and projects, I felt more and more productive as the days went by. Lastly, was the time spent with my family and prayer. I am very fortunate that all the members of my family were safe and sound at home. All this free time gave us a much-needed break to just relax and to get to know each other better. We also spent time praying together for all the various issues that were currently affecting the world.

All in all, I feel that my time in the lockdown has been productive (except the first month), and I have a new outlook on the value of life, of time and to being productive. I am sure everyone has their story to tell.

(iv) An Ideal Citizen 5 marks

The greatness of a country depends on the quality of its citizens. An ideal citizen fights for his rights. But he first performs his duties and then demands his rights. An ideal citizen knows the value of his vote. Therefore, he votes for the most deserving candidate no matter to which party he belongs. An ideal citizen is broad-minded. He does not hate the people belonging to the other castes or religions. An ideal citizen follows the path of reason. He is not a slave to old customs and traditions. He is ready to adopt the good wherever he finds it and give up the evil wherever it may be. An ideal citizen always keeps himself away from evil. Because he does no wrong, he is fearless and always holds his head high. An ideal citizen is law-abiding and has respect for the rights of his fellow-citizens. He is hard working and earns his living only through honest means. It is on such ideal citizens that the future of a country depends.

(v) Value of Newspaper 5 marks

Reading of newspapers has become a habit for most of the people. Newspapers have a very important place in our life. A good newspaper is very useful for society. It satisfies the tastes of all kinds of people. A newspaper gives us latest news about the national and international events. For businessmen, there are advertisements. There is a sports page for the lovers of sports. The unemployed people can look for vacancies. There are matrimonial columns for the unmarried people. A good newspaper is a watch-dog of democracy. It fights against the injustice of the government. It informs people about what is happening in the society. A good newspaper is a source of entertainment also. Its Sunday edition carries articles and stories. Thus, newspapers have become an important part of our life.

(vi) Importance of Games 5 marks

Games give us pleasure. They make our body stout and muscular. They expand our lungs, increase the blood circulation and fill the body with strength and vigour. They teach us many good qualities. They inculcate in us a spirit of sportsmanship, punctuality, regularity of habits, team spirit, leadership and obedience. They provide us a good training for playing the game of life in a sportsman's way. Each game is played under certain rules which are to be obeyed by all the players. Some games teach us obedience and discipline. They also teach us the importance of co-operative efforts. Above all they teach us how to command and how to obey.

(vii) Drug Addiction 5 marks

Addiction to anything is bad in itself, but addiction to drugs is the worst of all. Drug is the other name of death. So, drug addiction is an invitation to death. Drug is a slow poison. It kills the addict by inches, slowly but surely. It saps all his energy, youth and vitality. It makes him hollow from within like a coconut. The addict may forgo his food but he must get his quota of drug. Drug kills a person not only physically but morally as well. He may beg or borrow, snatch or steal to get drug. He loses all sense of good and bad. Immediate steps should be taken to root out this evil from the society. Otherwise, a total social ruin will not be far off.

(viii) A Visit to a Historical Place 5 marks

There are a large number of historical buildings all over India. But the Taj Mahal at Agra is the most famous among them. It is one of the most beautiful buildings in the world. Every year thousands of tourists from all over the world visit the Taj. It was built by the Mogul Emperor Shahjehan. He built it in the memory of his dear wife Mumtaz. It was completed in twenty-two years. It cost Shahjehan more than three crores of rupees. It is made of white marble. It stands on the right bank of the Yamuna. There is a minaret in each of its four corners. There are two tombs in it. One of them is of Mumtaz Mahal. The other is of Shahjehan. There are beautiful gardens on three sides of the Taj. On the fourth side flows the Yamuna. The Taj looks very beautiful in the light of a full moon. It is a dream in marble.

Section -C Literature: 46 marks

Flamingo Prose: 19 Marks

Flamingo Poetry: 11 marks

Vistas: 16 marks

Main Reader (Prose) Flamingo 19 marks

12 most important questions from Flamingo and Vistas:

2 Very Short answer type questions of 2 marks each, 1 Essay type question of 5 marks with internal choice, 5 MCQs from lessons of 5 marks, 1 comprehension passage of 5 marks will be asked: 19 marks

Q1. What did Franz see while passing through the town hall on his way to school?

Franz saw a crowd in the town hall in front of the bulletin- board. It was the place from where all their bad news had come - the lost battles, the drafts, and the orders of the commanding officer.

Q2. Why did Franz think of of running away and spending the day out of school?

Mr. Hamel, Franz' teacher gave lesson on 'Participles.' Franz didn't know even the first word about them. So he feared scolding from his teacher. That's why he thought of running away from school and spending the day out of school.

Q3. Why was sahib not happy on getting a new job?

Sahib was not happy on getting a new job at a tea stall because working for a master meant losing one's freedom and his 'carefree look.' He was not happy with this forced life. He wanted to be his own master.

Q4. What was the full name of Sahib? What is the irony of his name?

Sahib was a poor rag picker in the short story 'The Lost Spring' by Anees Jung. The meaning of his name is Saheb -E - Alam. It means 'The Lord of The Universe.' But irony is that he worked as a servant at a tea-stall. He was not master but had to follow others' orders.

Q5. Why was Yakima River dangerous?

Yakima river was dangerous because it was very deep and swift flowing river. So many people had drowned there. There had been several cases of drowning in the river. It was not considered safe because of its rough water and fast current.

Q6. What is the 'misadventure' that William Douglas speaks about?

William Douglas has just learnt swimming. One day, an eighteen-year-old big bruiser picked him up and tossed him into the nine feet deep end of the YMCA pool. He hit the water surface in a sitting position. He swallowed water and went at once at the bottom. He nearly died in this misadventure.

Q7. From where did the peddler get the idea of the world being a rattrap?

The peddler got the idea of world being a rattrap when he was spontaneously thinking about his rattraps. The peddler made his living by selling small rattraps of wire. He himself made them. He thought that the whole world around him was nothing but a big rattrap.

Q8. What made the peddler think that he had indeed fallen into a rattrap?

The peddler stole money from a house and decided not to go through highway with those stolen money in his pocket. So, he decided to go through the woods. He kept walking without coming to an end of the wood. Then he realised that he had fallen into a rattrap.

Q9. What did the peddler sell and how he made those things?

The peddler used to sell rattraps for trapping mouses and he himself used to make them from wires on odd days. He also did petty thievery as his earnings from rattrap selling was meagre.

Q10. Why was Gandhi ji impressed with Rajkumar Shukla's tenacity and determination?

Gandhi ji was impressed with Rajkumar Shukla's tenacity and determination because of his style of working and especially his dedication to accomplish his tasks. During the annual convention of Indian National Congress, he met all peasants of Champaran. At that time, Gandhi ji got impressed with Ramkumar Shukla.

Essay Type important Questions: Flamingo 5 marks

Q1. How did M. Hamel bid farewell to his students and villagers?
Q2. Write a brief character-sketch of Mr. Hamel, the narrator’s teacher.
Watch our video on this question:

Q3. What did M. Hamel say about French language?
Q4. What is ironical about Saheb´s Name?
Q5. Child labour is a curse? Explain?
Watch our video on this question:

Q6. Describe the miserable condition of the ragpickers of Seemapuri?
Q7. Lost Spring- The stories of stolen childhood depict the miserable conditions of poor and innocent children? Explain
Watch our video on this question:

Q8. How did Douglas overcome his fear of water?
Watch our video on this question:

Q9. The story of peddler is both entertainng and philosophical?
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Q10. What is the central idea of the lesson The Rattrap
Q11. How did the Champaran episode prove to be turning point in his life?
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Main Reader (Poetry) 11 marks

Most Important Questions/ Answers from Poetry:
2 Short answer type questions of 3 marks each, 1 stanza of 5 marks = 11 marks

Q1. Why are the young trees described as 'sprinting'?

The trees seem to be moving past the running car. The sprinting of the trees symbolises the rapidly passing of the rapidly passing years of human's life from childhood to old age.

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Q2. Why has the mother been compared to the late winter's moon?

The poet's mother has been compared to the late winter's moon to bring out the similarity of aging and decay. Poet's mother has an ashen face. It looks like a corpse. It has lost its lustre, shine and strength of youth. Late winter's moon also looks in the same way, dull and obscure.

Q3. How is 'map' a bad example?

The 'map' is a bad example because it doesn't include the dirty streets of the slums. The children here in slums live in the most unhygienic conditions. But 'Map' includes only cities, not slums. So is a bad example for children according to the poet.

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Q4. Why does the poet say: 'Shakespeare is wicked'?

Shakespeare is called wicked because there is no connection between Shakespeare's works and the sad lives of slum children. These children have gloomy future with no brightness at all.

Q5. What does the poet say about the world of children living in a slum?

The poet tells us about the difficulties faced by slum children. They have to live a very gloomy life. They live in narrow lanes in slums with no lights & hygienic food with them. They have to work in the dirt of the slum. Primary school of the slum doesn't attract them. Actually, there is nothing that is attractive & bright in their lives.

Q6. What will counting up to twelve and keeping still help us to achieve?

When we count up to twelve and keep still, it will help us to achieve a sense of togetherness. We will not be busy in mundane activities of daily life but on the contrary, we will have time to introspect in this silence of peace. The poet compares this state of being to the Earth that seems quiet and yet nurtures so much life on it.

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Q7. List the things of beauty mentioned in the poem.

The list includes the sun and the moon. There are young and old trees that give pleasant shade for gentle sheep. There are daffodils, clear rills and musk- Rose's growing in the forest brake. Then there are lovely tales that we have heard or read.

Q8. How is a thing of beauty a joy for ever?

A thing of beauty leaves a permanent impression on our minds. It stays in our imagination for ever. It never passes into nothingness. Our imagination adds new colours to it. Its loveliness increases every time we think of it. Thus, it becomes a joy for ever.

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Q9. List the things that cause suffering and pain.

There is air of general depression among human beings. There is a terrible dearth of truly noble souls. Many evil and mysterious things happen daily. It is hard to understand why that happens. Men pass their days in gloom.

Q10. What are the difficulties faced by Aunt Jennifer in her life?

Aunt Jennifer is surrounded by the ordeals that are the common fate of all married women. All married women generally, spend their life in doing household chores from morning till evening. They give birth to children and bring them up with loving care. They have to put up with all the bullying of their husbands.

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Literature Section - D Supplementary Reader VISTAS 2 marks

3 Very Short answer type questions of 2 marks each and 1 Essay type question of 5 marks with internal choice of 5 marks, 5 MCQs from lessons will be asked: 16 marks

Q1. What did Charlie's friends say about his stamp collecting?

They generally used to say that he did stamp collecting as a way to escape from harsh realities of everyday life and it provided him a source of getting escape from sadness, insecurities and all worries. They generally used to say that all his stories were imaginative.

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Q2. What does 'The Third Level' refer in the story?

'The Third Level' refers to the Grand Central Station subway which will carry passengers to Galesburg, Illinois. The station's third stage was a means to escape from the harsh realities of everyday life for Charlie, the narrator. Here he can mix reality with imagination.

Q3. Who was Hana ? Where did Sadao Meet her?

Hana was a beautiful Japanese. She met Dr Sadao in America at a professor's house. Sadao waited to fall in love with her till he got to know that she was a Japanese. She was a true person and proved a loyal wife to Sadao.

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Q4. What did Dr Sadao and his wife see when they stood outside looking at the sea?

Dr Sadao and Hana were standing outside in the balcony of their house facing the sea. Mist has gathered around their house. Suddenly they saw something black coming outside the sea. In fact, he was a wounded American soldier. They helped him.

Q5. How was the Skunk's story different from other stories narrated by Jack?

Roger Skunk's story was different from other stories narrated by Jack because all other stories ended after Roger would take help from the Wizard, but the Skunk story ended with a different note. Skunk's story ended when his mother took him to Wizard and asked him to change his smell back to the original one.

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Q6. Who is Mr. Lamb. How does Derry get in to his garden?

Mr. Lamb is an old man. He lost one of his legs in war. He lives alone in a house that has a garden which generally remains open. Derry gets into garden by crossing garden wall. He is a boy who doesn't want to get noticed.

Q7. What does Mr. Lamb tell Derry about real worth of a person?

Derry was a boy who got his face burnt by fire. So, he is very insecure about his appearance and doesn't want to face the world. But Mr. Lamb makes him realise that he has two arms, two legs, ears, tongue and a brain. So, he should not be like this, instead face the world bravely. This encourages boy to be again real-life hero.

Q8. How did Derry get his face burnt?

Once during a mishap acid got at his face during a fire. Derry got one side of his face burnt during this. After this he lost all his interest in life. Now this fire burnt him from inside also.

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Q9. Why was Evans called 'Evans the Break.'?

Answer: Evans was a congenital kleptomaniac. He was often arrested and put in prison. But three times, he managed to escape from the prison. That was why the prison officers used to call him ' Evans the Break.'

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Q10. Who was James Roderick Evans? Why was he put in oxford's prison?

James Roderick Evans was a congenital kleptomaniac. But he was a pleasant sort of a person. He was in oxford's prison because of his stealing habits. He was arrested many times for this. But he managed to escape. This time security was very tight not allowing him to escape like earlier he usually did.

Essay Type important Questions: VISTAS 5 marks

Q1. The story ' The Third Level' is a blend of fiction and reality? How can you say that Charley is an escapist?
Q2. Does the story of 'The enemy' remind you of 'Birth' by A. J. Cronin that you read in Snapshots last year? What are the similarities?
Q3. What happened after Roger Skunk came home after smelling of roses?
Q4. What does Mr Lamb tell Derry about his own physical deformity?
Q5. How was Evans arrested and how did he gain his freedom?
Q6. How does Charley reach the third level?
Q7. How does Mr Lamb encourage Derry?
Q8. How does the wizard solve Roger Skunk's problem?
For answers of these videos, we have left links in this page. Please find and prepare. Best Wishes for exams.

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