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Here we are, with what you wanted. As CBSE has released syllabus for 2023-24 all subjects, all classes from 9th to 12. In this page, going one step ahead, we are giving syllabus of Class 9 English. As we have divided the syllabus into month wise logical units so that it is easy for you to chalk out a plan for session 2023-24 of how to go further. In every month topics, we have included one lesson from both text books, one topic of grammar, writing skill section and also of reading skill section. Total 80 marks question paper will be set by CBSE from these topics. In 9th, SIX topics have deleted from syllabus for session 2023-24. These are: two lessons from Beehive lesson 7 ‘Packing’ and lesson 9

‘The Bond of Love’. From Poetry section, two poems have been deleted by CBSE. These are poem 7 ‘The Duck and the Kangaroo’ and poem 9 ‘The Snake Trying’. Two lessons from Supplementary Book Moments have deleted. These are lesson 6 ‘Weathering the Storms in Ersama’ and lesson 9 ‘The Accidental Tourist’.

Syllabus: CBSE 2023-24 9th English

Reading 20 marks
Discursive passage 10 marks
Case-based passage 10 marks
Grammar 10 marks
Tenses, Modals, Subject – verb concord, Reported speech
Gap Filling/ Editing/Transformation exercises. Ten out of 12 questions will be attempted.
Creative Writing Skills 10 marks
Descriptive Paragraph 5 marks
Diary Entry/ Story 5 marks
Reference to the Context 40 marks

Prescribed Books: Published by NCERT, New Delhi Beehive One extract out of two from Drama / Prose.

II. One extract out of two from poetry. (5+5 = 10 Marks)

MCQs/OTQs SATQs/LATQs Prose 25 items


  1. The Fun They Had
  2. The Sound of Music
  3. The Little Girl
  4. A Truly Beautiful Mind
  5. The Snake and the Mirror
  6. My Childhood
  7. Reach for The Top
  8. Kathmandu
  9. If I were You

Poetry Section:

  1. The Road Not taken
  2. Wind
  3. Rain on The Roof
  4. The Lake Isle of Innisfree
  5. A Legend of The Northland
  6. No Men Are Foreign
  7. On killing a tree
  8. A Slumber Did My Spirit Seal


  1. The Lost Child
  2. The adventures of Toto
  3. Iswaran the Storyteller
  4. In the kingdom of fools
  5. The Happy Prince
  6. The Last Leaf
  7. A House is not a Home
  8. The Beggar

We have divided the syllabus into month wise logical units. Now it’s going to be easy for you to go smooth in a planned way so as to devote equal time with other subjects also.

Month wise Distribution of Syllabus:


Name of Book


Links of lessons

April Beehive Prose- The Fun They Had Click here
The Road Not Taken (Poem) Click here
Moments The Lost Child Click here
Grammar Modals Click here for video
Click here for Written Material
Composition Descriptive Paragraph on a person/event/situation based on visual or verbal cue/s. Click here
Reading Skills Unseen Passage (Discursive passage) Click here
May Beehive The Sound of Music (Evelyn Glennie, Bismillah Khan.) Click here for The Sound of Music Evelyn Glennie
Click here for The Sound of Music Bismillah Khan
Wind (Poem)
Moments The Adventures of Toto Click here
Grammar Tenses (Present and past) Click here
Composition Story Writing Click here
June Vacations
July Beehive The Little Girl Click here
Rain on the Roof (Poem)
Moments Iswaran the Story teller
Grammar Reported Speech Click here
Composition Diary Entry
Reading Skills Unseen Passage: Case-based passage (with visual input- statistical data Click here
August Beehive A Truly Beautiful Mind
The Lake Isle of Innisfree (Poem)
Moments In the Kingdom of Fools Click here
Grammar Subject Verb Concord
Writing Practice of Descriptive Paragraph Click here
Reading Skills Practice of Unseen Passage (Discursive passage) Click here
September Beehive The Snake and the Mirror
A Legend of Northland (Poem) Click here
Moments The Happy Prince
Grammar Modals (Revision) Click here for Video
Click here for Website
Composition Practice of Story Writing
Reading skills Case-based passage Click here for Website
October Beehive My Childhood Click here
No Men Are Foreign (Poem) Click here
Moments The Last Leaf
Grammar Tenses (Revision) Click here
Composition Practice of Diary Entry
November Beehive Reach for the Top
On Killing a Tree (Poem)
Moments Revision of all poems covered
Revision of Whole Syllabus
Project: Students are assessed on their group/pair/individual presentations on allotted days.
Moments A House Is Not a Home
Grammar Reported Speech (Revision) Click here
December Beehive Kathmandu
A Slumber Did My Spirit Seal (Poem)
Moments The Beggar Click here
Grammar Subject Verb Concord (Repeat) Click here
January Beehive If I Were You Click here
February Revision of the whole syllabus
March Examinations
Website Link: www.mynewclassroom.in

Ask for links of Assessment Tests through Google Forms of all these lessons, ready with us.

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