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English Language & Literature 40 Marks

Code No. 184

Class 9th 2021-22 CBSE

Syllabus Term-2 and Study Material


READING: (10 Marks)

Question based on the following kinds of unseen passages to assess inference, evaluation, vocabulary, analysis and interpretation:

  1. 1. Discursive passage (400-450 words)
  2. 2. Case based Factual passage (with visual input/ statistical data/ chart etc. 200-250 words)

Click Here To see Explanation of Comprehension

Writing Skills and Grammar: (10 Marks)

Click the topics and study:

  1. Descriptive Paragraph (Diary)
  2. Story writing (based on beginning line, outline, cues etc.)

Grammar: (5 Marks)

  1. Tenses
  2. Watch Video on Tense Practice On Youtube
  3. Subject-Verb Concord
  4. Watch Video on Subject-Verb Concord On Youtube
  5. Modals
  6. Click Here To see Explanation of Modals

    Watch Video on Modals On Youtube
  7. Determiners
  8. Reported Speech
  9. Watch Video on Reported Speech On Youtube
  10. Commands and Requests
  11. Statements
  12. Questions

LITERATURE: (20 Marks)

Questions based on extracts / texts to assess interpretation, inference, extrapolation beyond the text and across the texts.



  1. Packing
  2. Reach for The Top
  3. The Bond of Love
  4. Watch The summary of this Lesson On Youtube
  5. If I were You
  6. Watch The MCQs of this Lesson On Youtube


  1. No Men Are Foreign
  2. Watch the MCQs of this Poem On Youtube
  3. On killing a Tree
  4. The Snake Trying


  1. Weathering the Storm in Ersama
  2. The Last Leaf
  3. A House is not a Home
  4. The Beggar
  5. Watch the MCQs of this Lesson On Youtube

Internal Assessment: 10 Marks

Grand Total: 50 Marks