HBSE Syllabus 2021-2022

Subject: English

Class 9th


Beehive: The Fun They Had
The Sound of Music (Evelyn Glennie, Bismillah Khan.)
The Road Not Taken (Poem)
Moments: Lost Child
Grammar: Punctuation (Semi colon, colon, Dash, Hyphen, use of brackets and exclamation marks.
Composition: Applications, Business letter/job application.

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Summer Vacation


Beehive: The Little Girl
A Truly Beautiful Mind
Wind (Poem)
Rain on the Roof (Poem)
Moments: The Adventures of Toto
Grammar: Articles (Indefinite and definite),Tenses (Present and past)
Grammar: Description of events/incidents (day to day events, past events, functions, eye witnessed incidents and accidents)


Beehive: A Legend of Northland (Poem)
Moments: In the Kingdom of Fools
Grammar: Reported Speech
Composition: Paragraph/article writing on current affairs, persons, visits, common social issues and problems)
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Beehive: My Childhood,No Men Are Foreign (Poem)
Moments: The Happy Prince, Weathering the storm in Ersama,
Grammar: Voice (Tense wise, imperative, Double objects, who-words and miscellaneous), Conjunctions (Not only, but also, since, because, as, while, when, that, till, until, unless)


Beehive: Packing, Reach for the Top, On Killing a Tree (Poem)
Moments: The Last Leaf, A House Is Not a Home
Composition: Report writing (Present and past happenings and functions) Unseen passages for comprehension


Beehive: The Bond of Love, The Snake Trying (Poem)
Grammar: Modals (Shall, will, can, may should, would, could, might) suffixes, correct spellings
Composition: Messages (personal and professional), Advertisement (Situation vacant, Job wanted for, lost & found, sale & purchase, accommodation wanted)


Beehive: If I Were You
Moments: The Beggar
Grammar: Subject verb agreement (based on tenses, modals, verbs and conjunctions) Notice (related to school/office/public)


Moments: Road Safety
Composition: Paragraph Writing, Poster Making (including road safety)
Grammar: Transformation of sentences, simple, compounds and complex sentences, Dialogue writing (between two persons), Report writing


Revision of the whole syllabus


Note: Project work preferably in December

Grammar Portion Deleted:
Use of Passive Voice
Clauses (Noun, Adverb clauses of Condition and time, Relative)