Re-ordering of Sentences:

Rearranging of words, jumbled words, sentence formation for Class 11 CBSE English Grammar

by Vijay Kumar PGT English @SAARTHAK

Sentences are made up of different grammar units and these units are broken up and deliberately jumbled up in order to create a 'rearrangement or reordering of sentences'exercise. Sentence rearrangement is an exercise in rearrangement of jumbled words, phrases to make sentences that are complete and make sense. These jumbled words and phrases need to be rearranged in a proper order to form a grammatically correct meaningful sentence.

Reordering sentences in English grammar is an important and scoring topic in class 11 CBSE. It involves the logical arrangement of some given words or sentences to form a correct sentence or a paragraph. When rearranging sentences, a learner should be cautious because it may appear difficult. To analyse a sentence, one must be a competent observer because a well-constructed sentence lends meaning to a story.

Follow these Rules:

When it comes to rearranging jumbled words to form meaningful sentences, here are some general rules that can be followed:

Identify the subject:

At first, look for the subject and the predicate which contains the verb. Look for words that can function as the subject of the sentence, such as nouns or pronouns. The subject is usually the main focus of the sentence.

Identify the verb:

Look for the helping verbs. Arrange them in a way that it makes sense. Locate words that can function as the main verb of the sentence. Verbs indicate the action or state of being in the sentence.

Identify other sentence components:

Look for the objects, adjectives, adverbs and other parts of speech. Arrange them in a way that it makes sense. Look for other parts of speech like adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, and conjunctions that help provide more context or detail to the sentence.

Pay attention to word order:

In English, the typical word order in a sentence is subject-verb-object (SVO). However, this order can vary depending on the sentence structure or emphasis. Don't forget to count the words as it should be same as given in the jumbled-up sentence. Don't use any other words other than the ones given in the sentence.

Use grammar and syntax rules:

Apply the appropriate grammar and syntax rules to ensure the sentence is structurally correct and follows the rules of the English language.

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Use context clues:

Consider the context of the jumbled words or the overall message of the sentence. This can help you determine the most logical arrangement.

Read the sentence aloud:

Read the sentence carefully after rearrangement. It should make sense and grammatically correct. Sometimes, reading the sentence aloud can help you identify the correct word order and phrasing that sounds natural and coherent.

Use punctuation:

Insert punctuation marks like periods, commas, question marks, and exclamation points to enhance clarity and convey the intended meaning.


You can use trial and error method in complex and large disordered sentences. After rearranging the jumbled words, review the sentence to ensure it makes sense, is grammatically correct, and conveys the intended message.
We know this topic by different names for example rearranging sentences, word order exercises, sentence order, rearranging of words, jumbled words, sentence formation. So, no need to get confused. They represent the same topic.
We are studying here Re-ordering of Sentences class 11 CBSE.

Question format:

Question on this topic is asked in this format:
"Rearrange the following jumbled words/phrases to make meaningful sentences:"

Standard Sentence Structure:

Ram reads. (No object)
S + V

I like mangoes.
He is reading a book.
S + V + O

Ram is busy.
Sita is smart.
The flowers are red.
S + V + Adjective

Ram is here.
He ran slowly.
Sheela writes legibly.
S + V + Adverb

He is my friend.
He is a doctor.
They are teachers.
S + V + Noun

Begins with WHO, followed by WHAT
John called.
The bus returned.
Direct Object
John ate rice.
Indirect Object
John spoke to Sohan. (After preposition)


Jaya called earlier to cancel her appointment.
The bus returned to the station to drop the passenger.

Remember 9 points:

There is Strict order where words can appear in a sentence, to be meaningful

1. Never separate WHO from Verb
We two years ago bought this car. (wrong)
We bought this car two years ago.
Sam ate slowly his meal. (wrong)
Sam ate his meal slowly.
He goes by train to work. (wrong)
He goes to work by train.

He goes to Chandigarh in the morning by bus to study.

3. Place the S before the V: SV DO IDO
Were used several different methods in the test.
Several different methods were used in the test.

4. Keep the subject and the verb close to each other.
Reader will give less attention to what is between Subject and Verb. So...

5. If two objects are there, then don't separate Verb from Direct Object(thing) [Indiect Object PERSON] benefitted one

6. Put Direct Object(things) before Indirect Object (Persons)
Sana gave her pen to Rohan.
What is being given: Direct Object
To whom was the pen given: Indirect Object

7. Put Adverb before the main verb; in TO BE it is places after the main verb
The police silently surrounded the bank. (to emphasise)
The summer is usually hot and humid. (to be)

8. If two auxiliaries are there then put adverb before second one
I am still waiting for your reply.
(NOT I still am waiting for your reply.)
(NOT I am waiting still for your reply.)

9. Put adjectives before noun whom they are explaining.
The teacher sent his students in the playground.

Subject + Helping Verb + Action Verb + Object + other words

Noun/Pronoun are Subject of a sentence
Helping Verb consists is is/am/are/was/were/can/has/have etc.
Action Verbs are: eat, going, make, run, destroy, pollute etc
Object part has any object which can be a noun etc.
Other words can have preposition, articles, object compliment, adverb etc

Remember that these are general guidelines, and there may be exceptions based on specific sentence structures, phrases, or idiomatic expressions. Practice and exposure to various sentence patterns will help you become more proficient at rearranging jumbled words effectively.

Typology of Questions on rearranging the jumbled words:

1. Basic Format

This is the structure in which all of the statements are displayed in a jumbled state, and students must correctly reshape them.

2. Static First Statement

The first sentence is given as static in the second type, and applicants must logically organise the remaining statements. The initial statement must not be changed.

3. Static Last Statement

Candidates must organise the remaining sentences to make the h4aragraph logical with the last sentence constant, just as they must arrange the other sentences to make the paragraph logical with a static first statement.

4. Static First and Last Statement

The initial and last assertions can be static, and applicants must rearrange the remaining words between them to make them logically correct.

From Easy to Difficult
Easy exercises to begin with:

Practice Set -1
  1. larger/is/a/motor/car/a bus/than.
  2. carry/many/it/can/passengers.
  3. along/routes/fixed/it/travels.
  4. it/at/points/fixed/picks/passengers/up/and/down/sets.

Practice Set -2

  1. was/the/room/why/dark/very/small?
  2. business/own/mind/your.
  3. please/your/dictionary/me/lend.
  4. talking/stop/work/and/begin/your.
  5. warm/Eskimos/very/clothes/wear.
  6. on/river/Guwahati/the/stands/Brahmaputra/bank/of/the.

Practice Set -3

  1. are/who/this/fo/ you/buying?
  2. report/annual/the/by/read/was/principal/week/college/the/on.
  3. looking/I/for/house/him/found/new/a.
  4. there/never/without/go/you/should/my/permission.
  5. sacred/the/book/a/Ramayana/is/Hindus/of/the.
  6. the/time/is/best/for/picnics/winter.

Practice Set -4

  1. my/took/umbrella/is/man/wh/ this/the.
  2. person/has/the/boldly/work/the/done.
  3. mountain/the/highest/is/Everest/world the/in.
  4. the/saw/in/boy/I/the/shop.
  5. an/gave/book/he/interesting/me.
  6. please/your/book/lend/you/will/me?

Practice Set -5

  1. young/the/puppy/one/dog/of/a/called/is.
  2. my/camera/took/this/who/the/man/is.
  3. stone/no/gathers/rolling/a/moss.
  4. room/in/was/nodiv/there/the.

Practice Set -6

  1. saw/dead/I/walking/while/I/cow/was/in/a/the/garden.
  2. he/to/help/the/beggar/refused.
  3. you/the/boy/are/looking/for/this/is.
  4. the/saw/on/woman/I/the/road.

Practice Set -7

  1. the/ball/on/my/head/me/hit/made/of/which/was/rubber.
  2. the/far/away/railway/is/station.
  3. a/wall/of/Mahatma/Gandhi/hangs/on/the/portrait.

Practice Set -8

  1. the/water/melon/thirst/quenchers/in/summer/is/one/of/the/best.
  2. from/the/div/fasting/also/removes/poison.
  3. in/sky/the/twinkle/the/stars/at/night.
  4. the/poor/was/among/food/distributed/the.

Practice Set -9

  1. all/gold/is/glitters/that/not.
  2. communication/is/of/medium/a/the/newspaper.
  3. had/the/question/rang/before/last/I/finished/the/bell.
  4. who/lived/a/met/cottage/the/they/little/old/couple/in.

Practice Set -10

  1. Physical/exercise/essential/health/good/for/is
  2. And/diseases/take/avoid/daily/exercise.
  3. Discipline/the/life/necessity/of/is
  4. Ideal/life/of/his/is/good.
  5. The/station/has/at/arrived/train/the.

Practice Set -11

  1. He/stepped/out/had/hardly/it/began/whe/to/rain.
  2. is/expected/to/do/everyman/his/duty.
  3. the/book/out/of/print /is/you/mentioned/which
  4. how/you/had/at/the/interview/done/us/let/know

Practice Set -12

  1. He/has/yet/not/from/returned/school.
  2. Mahesh/not/know/swim/does/to/how.
  3. are/harmless/to/people/most/bats.
  4. People/along/had/up/lined/road/the.

Practice Set -13

  1. Slowly/and/we/near/silently/the/target/moved.
  2. Talking/please/stop/you/will?
  3. Playing/football/for/an/hour/he/had/been/I/when/his/house/reached.
  4. he/may/get/success/is/industrious/since/he.

Practice Set -14

  1. This/is/to/see/you/who/the/person/came/last/week.
  2. Are/harmless/to/snakes/most/people.
  3. Shyam/not/know/swim/does/to/how.
  4. He/came/I/had/left/after/place/the.

Practice Set -15

  1. Penguin/I/a/seen/never/have.
  2. Persons/knows/several/he/here.
  3. Want/do/me/see/you/at/to/the/airport/off?
  4. The/an/truth/honest/speaks/man/always.

Practice Set -16

  1. Ramesh/the park/a boy/met/one day/in
  2. was/old/young boy/seven years/the/only
  3. asked/the nearest/he/bookstore/about/him
  4. wanted/buy/he/to/books/a few

Practice Set - 17

  1. is/an/known/Jaipur/Pink City.
  2. in the/are/building/city/in/pink/colour/ painted/most of the
  3. have made / a popular/it/its/historical/buildings / destination/tourist.
  4. go/there/one/bus/from/Delhi/can/easily/by

Practice Set - 18

  1. wear/these/people/ a majority / of /days/ a watch
  2. time/it/in/measures/seconds/ and / hours/minutes
  3. shapes/different / a wristwatch/sizes/ and / is available / it
  4. like/digital/ while / prefer / wristwatches/mechanical ones / others / some people

Practice Set - 19

  1. easy/very/it/to open/it/was
  2. to sleep/night/decided/every/they/a hotel/in
  3. quickly/very/the clothes/they/and food/packed.
  4. the/problem/bags/heavy/in carrying/ had/they

Practice Set - 20

  1. the temple architecture / form an / sculptures and paintings/of / essential part
  2. the architecture/is/ an artistic/in some temples / masterpiece
  3. is / situated in / the Konark temple / corner of Puri / north-eastern / the
  4. people / lakhs of / every year/visit/ the/ Konark temple
  5. the Sun God / dedicated/to/this/ temple / beautiful / is

Practice Set - 21

  1. of mankind / reading is / one of / pleasures / the greatest
  2. we/ enjoy/the/ much more / borrowed ones / our own books / reading/than
  3. book / care / must be / with / a borrowed / treated
  4. should begin / one / a private library / one's youth / building/in
  5. book/afraid of/ you should/writing notes on / not be your own

Practice Set - 22

  1. have become / part of/ developing city / airports / an essential / a
  2. services/tourism in / air taxi / will / boost/ the state
  3. more runways/for/we/landing / need / facilities
  4. promote / will surely / our tourism / this/sector
  5. this/ increasing / will help / between cities / connectivity/in

Practice Set - 23

  1. are a storehouse / Indian / Indian art/of/temples
  2. these/the architecture/artistic masterpiece / of /temples/ is an
  3. is situated/north-eastern/Konark temple / side / on the/ of Puri
  4. chariot / from of/ temple is/the/the/a/in
  5. its sculptures/famous/is/for/ temple / the

Practice Set - 24

  1. ignore/instinct / my first / the snake/ was to
  2. I didn't want / killed one / I had /it/as/never/ to kill
  3. only dangerous/ duty/to/was/kill/my/ones
  4. back / and returned / farm / I went / to the / stick/ with a
  5. hesitated/it/1/ but still / attack/to

Practice Set - 25

  1. democracy/ is very / important/ of press/ in a / freedom
  2. abused/times/is/ many/but/it
  3. biased/sometimes/present/is/opinion/ media / a
  4. to have/necessary/press/therefore / a responsible/it is
  5. can be/society/a/only than / fearless/imagined

Practice Set - 26

  1. that life began/ centuries ago/ scientists think/ twenty million/ on earth/ about
  2. endless process/ the plants and animals/ of evolution/ are the products/ of an
  3. are/ their/animals/ products of/ all the/ environment
  4. lose/ habitat/ human/ due to/ their/ the animals/ encroachment.
  5. the/ habitat/ regrowth/ rate of/ is/ very slow / of

Practice Set - 27

  1. trees/industry/on/the/is/oil/reliant
  2. acquire/do/kind/we/what/of/woods/goods/the/from
  3. by/were/farmers/the/exploited/Indian/English/the
  4. exorbitant/farmers/taxes/poor/pay/were/to/forced/the
  5. a/ strong/ has/ animal/ affinity/ he /with

Practice Set - 28

  1. advocated/ release/ birds/ he/ caged/ the/ for/ of
  2. to/ be/ her/ Sudha/ the/ hard/ class/ is/ working/ in/ order/ best
  3. continues/ passage/ of time/ unabated/ The
  4. things/ is/ this/ why/ are/ constantly/ shifting
  5. change/ law/ in/ is/ a natural/ fact

Practice Set - 29

  1. during/ forests/ forces/ provide cover for/ battles/our
  2. age/ to/ the/ under/ of/ Children/ are not permitted/ eighteen/ drive
  3. the/ their room/ are/ boys/ lesson/ reviewing/ the/ In
  4. last/ was/ the railway/ Sunday/ particularly/ platform/ busy
  5. on the platform/ vendors with/ were/ wares/ their/ selling/ flowers/ sweet-smelling/ the

Practice Set - 30

  1. board/ were unsure how they/ the/ We/ would/ train
  2. boarded/ they/ caution/ the train with/ However
  3. few/ had/ only been a/ rain/ minutes/ he/ since/ had walked/ It/ outside/ it began to/ when
  4. die/ would rather/ up/ She/ give/ than/ her freedom
  5. by/ lesson/ taught/ was/ to you/ This/ your teacher
  6. I'm/ he's/ sure what/ saying/ Not

Practice Set - 31

  1. this letter/ granddad the author of/you're/ is
  2. until/ no/ I/ him/ I had/ had/ idea/ he/ told/ won a medal
  3. to/ used/ I/ ride/ to/ bicycle/ my/ school
  4. each boy the/ the/ before/ received a/ class/ punishment/ day/ in/ yesterday
  5. please/ the/ us/ how/ know/ let/ interview went

Practice Set - 32

  1. must/ the/ leave/ You/ classroom immediately
  2. work/ how much/ experience/ do you have
  3. from/ apple market/ I/ the/ brought/ some/ juice
  4. can't/ is/ hear anything because/ He/ he/ entirely deaf
  5. it is open/ holiday./ because/ is a public/ Nothing
  6. I'd already/ of/ all/ my/ spent/ rupees

Practice Set - 33

  1. Is/ bottle/ any/ there/ left/ ink/ the/ in
  2. earth/ years/ For/ man has been exploiting/ the/ many
  3. to/ Taplow/ being encouraged by/ against/ Frank/ speak out/ was/ Crocker
  4. Poet began/ her/ an/ miss/ viewing/ after/ mother/ to/ image/ of her
  5. been/ Ambassador/ has/ Tendulkar/ named as the Rio Olympics' Brand/ Sachin

Practice Set - 34

  1. society / is / discipline / of / foundation / the very
  2. great importance / one of the / essentials of life / it is / in all spheres / and is of / of life
  3. it life / become / without / miserable / at home / will
  4. obey / a soldier / or / the orders / a child, / a student / must
  5. for / is / our / progress / it / a must / country's

Practice Set - 35

  1. really / games and sports / true education / are / for / essential
  2. fit and / the div / games / look active / and / develop / keep it / make a person
  3. evening / dullness / all / an hour's / removes / play / in the
  4. in players / develop / and / games / co-operation / a team-spirit

Practice Set - 36

  1. concemed/the/really/Indian/are/authorities
  2. tigers/the/of/population/falling/is/sharply
  3. considered/was/tigers,/Sariska,/for/sanctuary/a/which/tigers left/have/any/does not
  4. teeth/one / the/neglected / of/div / the / are/of / most/parts
  5. brushing/teeth/remove/50%/your/woes/can/almost/of/dental
  6. good/and/oral/health/dental/hygiene/need/inculcated/to/atanearlyage/be

Practice Set - 37

  1. before/calculate/exams/the/number of/days/the
  2. for each/divide/the/days/of/number/subject
  3. day/each/number/subject/of/allot/for/the/chapters/per -
  4. and/notes/prepare/revise concepts/finally
  5. the Sandalwood/comes/oil/tree/the sandal/of Mysore/from
  6. of sandalwood/the commercial/Tipu Sultan/recognized/significance
  7. for the/monopolized/he then/the trade/state

Practice Set - 38

  1. entirely/blame the/we/public/cannot
  2. them/educate/have/we/to
  3. its life/an animal/could/cost/road/the/on/candy/throwing/a/even
  4. have been/by/infuriated/I/of/etiquette/lack/people's
  5. cannot/freedom/away/be/taken/one/from/of speech
  6. cannot/speaking/yet one/all the time/keep on

Practice Set - 39

  1. is/basic/change/of/truth/existence/the
  2. every/entire/is/the/cosmos/changing/moment
  3. shows/Tagore/path of/the/taking/pride/love/in the/God/of
  4. The/ first/doctor/a diagnosis/makes/an illness/ of
  5. he or she/what/then/kind/decides/of treatment /needed/is
  6. can/treated with/many/be/a/ course of medicines/illnesses
  7. may/the doctor/if/ is serious/the case/operate.

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