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Class 11 CBSE, Class 12 HBSE


Posters are notices, advertisements and invitations-all in one. It can be used to promote a product, event, sentiment (such as patriotism), or to create an awareness about some social evil (such as dowry, pollution, drug addiction, etc.). A notice is generally displayed on a notice board or published in a newspaper. An advertisement is also published in a newspaper. Therefore, they should be drafted with utmost care. The people generally read them from a distance and so, as far as possible, the letters in a poster must be big. They may be in the form of large notices generally put up on walls or notice-boards. Its design and style should be attractive. It should be able to catch our attention at once. Colourful, attractive and stylish posters attract the attention of people and influence their minds. Colourful, attractive and tempting posters attract the attention of a large number of people. They fire their imagination and influence their minds. Cinema posters and posters of political parties generally cover up the city walls adding to colour and life in big cities. There need not be many details in a poster. Only very important issue/issues should be highlighted in it.

POSTER MAKING in CBSE and HBSE Annual Exams: 3 marks

In CBSE annual exam 2022-23, one question will be asked in 11th class for 3 marks, short writing task –Poster up to 50 words. One out of the two given questions to be answered. (3marks: Format: 1 / Content: 1 / Expression: 1) and in Haryana Board exams in 12th, it is asked for 3 marks. CBSE further bifurcates these 3 marks into FORMAT Title, Content and Expression, 1 mark for each part as you can see above.

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Poster Writing Format

The students who are about to appear for the CBSE Board English examination must be aware of the format of poster making. Generally, students score full marks in this question which is why, we have provided the format of poster writing.

Issuing Authority: Here you have to write the name of the organising body of the particular event.

Title:This is the point where you can make the deal. Make a catchy title which is basically the gist of your announcement or issue.

A sketch: After the title, you have a draw a picture depicting your issue. For instance; 4 ways to save water.

Date, Time and Venue: Here you have to mention the date and time of the event which has to take place. Do not forget to mention the venue of the event.

Contact Information: This is an important part of your poster. Remember to add the details of the concerned authorities as the people reading the poster must have contact numbers of the event co-ordinator in case any query arises on the day of the event.

The following points should be kept in mind while designing/writing a poster.

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  1. A good poster should be styled according to the subject matter of theme which its designer wants to convey.
  2. A poster should be so designed as can be put up at a public place. A good poster must catch the attention of the passers by. The letters in a poster should be bold and attractive. The main theme or subject should be bolder in size
  3. The language should be brief but catchy and attractive.
  4. Striking designs and ornate work are two important features of good posters.
  5. There need not be many details in a poster. Only important issue/issues should be highlighted through catchy phrases, slogans or tempting and inviting language. Poster should be to the point. Do not beat about the bush in a poster

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Solved Question: 12th CBSE Annual Exams 2019-20 4 marks

Your institute, Golden Care Hospital, has decided to organise an ‘Organ Donation Camp’ to generate awareness about the cause. Draft a Poster giving all the necessary details. (50 words)
Format: 1 mark
Content: 2 marks
Expression: grammatical accuracy, spellings: 1 mark
Suggested value points:


Solved Question: 12th CBSE Annual Exams 2017-18 4 marks

Smriti of Lotus International School, Jodhpur. Your school is organizing a workshop on “Prevention of Drug Abuse” in the coming week. Prepare a poster with complete information for the students of class X-XII. POSTER MAKING Format: Title and Name of Issuing Authority 1
Content: 2
Expression and Creativity: grammatical accuracy, spellings 1



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Solved Question on Poster: 12th CBSE Annual Exams 2016-17 4 marks

You are Romi/Rohit, Sports Captain of Sunshine International School. Your school has organised a marathon to promote a cause. Design a visually appealing poster about this in about 50 words. Include all relevant details. Answer:

POSTER Marking: 4 marks
Title: Run for a Cause (or any other appropriate title)1 mark
Content: 2 marks
Expression-grammatical accuracy, spellings 1 mark

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Solved Question on Poster: 12th CBSE Annual Exams 2015-16 SET B 4 marks

In a recent survey it was found that your city has the highest rate of pollution in the country. Innumerable vehicles on the road and lack of green cover have made the air unfit to breathe. Draft a poster in about 50 words, creating awareness about the need to keep your city clean and green. You are Rakhsita/Rohit of MVN Public School. POSTER Marking: 4 marks

Title: Pass the Lung Test (or any other appropriate title) 1 mark
Content: 2 marks
Expression-grammatical accuracy, spellings 1 mark

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Solved Question on Poster: 12th CBSE Annual Exams 2014-15 4 marks

Your school is organizing a Public Awareness Exhibition. In connection with it, prepare a poster to bring home the importance of conservation of electricity. Your school is A.K. Public School, Green Park, Delhi. (4 Marks)

PURPOSE (Drama/Exhibition/Workshop etc.)
Chief Guest
Esteemed Guests


Questions for Practice:

  1. You are the Secretary of the Creative Arts of your school. Your club is organising a 'On-The-Spot Painting Competition' at the school campus on the coming Sunday. Prepare a graceful poster for the occasion.
  2. Design a poster for the Anti-Smokers' Day creating awareness among the general masses about the harms of smoking.
  3. Draft a poster for your library on the Value of Books and Reading' in your life today. You may use a visual to make it meaningful.
  4. You are Anish Jain of Jain Mahasabha, Kurukshetra. Write out a poster on CRUELTY TO ANIMALS to create love and sympathy for animals in the general masses.
  5. On behalf of Swami Vanwas Foundation, draft a poster announcing the organisation of a 10-day religion discourse and meditation camp and inviting people to visit the camp and win spiritual peace.
  6. You are Nancy D’Suza, Secretary Ernakulam Kennel Club. Get a suitable poster designed for a DOG SHOW that your Kennel Club is going to organise at the Club.
  7. You are Drishti Verma, Secretary, Dramatic Arts, Holy Mother International School, Noida. Draft a suitable poster for a play you are going to stage in the school auditorium.
  8. You are Abhishek Sharma, Publicity Manager, of New Golden Circus. Draft an attractive poster for the CIRCUS SHOWS that your company is organising from next week at the Parade Ground, Kolkata.
  9. Write out a poster on 'SAVE THE EARTH' on behalf of the Pollution Board, Karnataka State.
  10. You are the Secretary, Red Cross, New Delhi. Get a suitable poster designed prompting the citizens to volunteer themselves for 'BLOOD DONATION' at various camps organised by the Red Cross in the city.
  11. You are Ekta Nanda, Secretary Welfare Association, Faridabad City. Design a suitable poster highlighting the EVILS OF DOWRY.
  12. Design a poster educating people against the evil of taking drugs.
  13. Design a poster to announce A PUBLIC MEETING at Ram Lila Grounds, Delhi. Imagine yourself as the Secretary Janta Party, Delhi State.
  14. Swami Ashanand is in the town. Design a poster inviting the people to join Swamiji in Bhajan and pay respect to him at a public reception.
  15. Gemini Circus has visited your town and will be there for ten days. Design a poster urging people to enjoy the feats of circus performers.
  16. Design a poster for promoting the need for joining the Defence Services. (CBSE)
  17. Samrat Shankar, the renowned magician is in your town. Draft a poster on his behalf, urging the people of the town to visit the show and enjoy it.
  18. A star Nite is being held in your city. A number of film stars from Mumbai will take part in the nite. This nite is being organised in aid of the victims of Tsunami. Draft a poster, asking people not to miss this opportunity of enjoyment.
  19. You are the Secretary of a Voluntary organisation. On behalf of this organisation, design a poster appealing people to donate generously for the earthquake relief fund.
  20. The Rotary Club, Panipat is going to organise a Diwali Mela two days before Diwali. Design a poster to announce it.

Best of Luck for exams

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